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COZY AND COMFORT OF YOUR HOME Development of smart climate projects

designed individually for you unique integrated heating, ventilation and air conditioning system with a single control center

An integral part of coziness and comfort in your home is the air environment.

I, Evgeniy Gantman, a specialist in climate systems, specialize in creating projects that are thought out to the smallest detail, creating a feeling of coziness and comfort. For more than 15 years, in cooperation with specialists from Germany, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, more than 100 projects of varying complexity have been implemented.

Initial data to create a cozy and comfortable climate in your home

Temperature and Humidity
Air quality and mobility
team for the development of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning project

When creating a project, there are
the following tasks:

  • Determine the parameters of the microclimate in rooms for various purposes, allowing you to feel coziness and comfort in the house
  • Collect accumulated experience in the world to create safe and energy efficient systems
  • Organize a complex control system that independently takes care of the state of the house with simple operation

The team of engineers developed a set of techniques to achieve results in the set tasks:

To determine comfortable microclimate parameters
interview doctors and owners of existing homes
To analyze the sensations of groups of people under various parameters of the air environment in rooms with a specific purpose.
Analyze how various environmental parameters affect the human body
Analyze what environmental parameters are most preferable at different times of life
Analyze at what moments sensations from microclimate parameters may change
To gain experience in safe
and energy efficient systems
  • Analyze the solutions offered in the world from leading companies, as well as the norms and experience of the most developed countries
  • Analyze algorithms that organize a direct correlation between heating, ventilation and air conditioning parameters
For automation of heating,
ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Collect information about physical phenomena
  • Analyze changes in outdoor and indoor air parameters
  • Analyze monitoring and control equipment
  • Analyze commissioning and operation information
To create comfort and coziness
in the home
  • Connect the parameters of a comfortable climate in rooms, changes during the day, week and season, individual characteristics of the body, physical phenomena, algorithms for energy-efficient maintenance of climate parameters and equipment that allows this to be implemented

Technology design and construction

Discussion of wishes and expected results
  • Clarify individual preferences
  • Presentation of the possibilities of engineering systems
  • Selection of technologies and preparation of terms of reference
  • Collection of initial data and features of the location of the object
Formation of requirements
  • Collection of building and architectural requirements
  • Collect security requirements
  • Collection of sanitary requirements
  • Collection of equipment reliability requirements
  • Collection of requirements for economic efficiency and payback periods
  • Collection of operational requirements

The scope of work includes: a heating project, a ventilation project, an air conditioning project, an automation project, a water supply project, a sewerage project

Preliminary draft
  • 3D presentation
  • Specification for valuation
  • Plans for preliminary coordination with the design project
  • Preliminary calculations
  • Explanatory note with photographs of equipment and description of principal solutions

Coordination with you and other
project participants
  • Coordination of elements with the design project
  • Coordination of capacities for connection and operation of systems
  • Coordination of places of passage and placement of elements of systems
  • Coordination of automation work with other systems
Working draft for montage
  • Calculation
  • Plans
  • Sections
  • Schemes
  • Explanatory note describing the operation of the systems and installation instructions
  • Assignment to adjacent systems

Commissioning and operation

  • Commissioning plan
  • Operating instructions for the integrated system
  • Equipment Selection Sheets
  • Instructions for setting up and operating the equipment
  • Systems and equipment maintenance schedule

Cosiness and comfort step by step in your home

Determining individual preferences

Definition of requirements and thoughtful design

Consultation and architectural supervision at all stages of implementation

All necessary documentation for management and smooth operation

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