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1) a smart ventilation that performs the core functions of smart home wellness (air ventilation and control, circadian lighting to help with sleeping and night reading, mindfulness and night audio, and multi-room aroma control), multi-room audio, home voice control, noise cancellation, wireless networking.
2) a server hub with a power meter that's wired to all the smart vents, air handling unit, fresh air intake valve and any other relevant equipment (humidifier, heat recovery unit, purifier, water boiler..etc.) which connects the equipment to WiFi
3) an app that allows to set room comfort preferences (temperature, scenes, lighting, audio, aroma) as well as receive diagnostics of the HVAC system and any other connected equipment and shop for other ancillary systems that would improve home health (fresh air intake, variable speed fan, smart ventilation, humidifier, purifier, aroma tank, filters..etc.)
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