Adjustment of automation systems

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Setting up automation systems is considered the most important stage and follows the installation of the system. Its task is to compare the parameters of the assembled system with the parameters of the project, to detect and correct existing shortcomings, to achieve the greatest efficiency at the lowest resource cost.

Commissioning stages systems

• Preparatory work
Specialists study documentation and basic parameters of automation components. Equipment and automation equipment are tested for operability, individual components are regulated. It is compared to what extent the equipment corresponds to the parameters declared in the project. Faulty equipment and components are replaced.
• Offline setup
The correct installation / operation of each component is assessed. The relationship between such system components as signaling, blocking, protection and control is configured. Preparation for testing and testing in individual mode is carried out, according to the results of which the settings of the components are adjusted.
• Comprehensive adjustment
The entire system is turned on and tested for suitability for functioning in the conditions indicated by the client. The received data are carefully analyzed, and technical documentation is drawn up on their basis. The executing company also advises personnel on the correct use of the equipment.
When all commissioning work is completed, the specialists draw up a protocol in which they evaluate the assembly and operation of the system, and offer recommendations for its optimization.

< h2 style="text-align: justify;">Documents that are provided to the customer

Adjustment of automation is completed with an act of acceptance into operation. Along with it, the client receives the following documents:

  • list of mounted components (equipment and tools);
  • value system control parameters;
  • test reports;
  • schemes with corrections made and approved by the client;
  • passports and instructions for all equipment, technical documentation.

Inzhener Services

Our company carries out the design, installation and commissioning of automation systems. We set up systems assembled according to our projects and projects of third-party companies. All work is guaranteed, which confirms that all the constituent elements of the system will work smoothly, reliably and efficiently!
For more details, please call the numbers indicated on the website.

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