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CASA Twist

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With Twist you can turn your smart hood into a modern and functional range hood and/or extractor fan. This is a great solution for refurbishment projects like a kitchen remodel or if you want to upgrade your exhaust fan. Thanks to the Twist fan unit, you don't have to settle for an old-fashioned range hood in your new kitchen, you can opt for an elegant range hood from Swegon's modern Smart range. At the same time, you will save energy and improve indoor air quality.

  • Designed for modern kitchens.
  • Improved indoor air quality.
  • EC -fans = low power consumption

The fan is controlled by a 0-10V control voltage or by a CASA range hood. "Exhaust air fan" - the function is included in the standard package, which means that in addition to the outlet pipe from the hood, two exhaust air pipes and an exhaust air pipe to the roof hood are also included. The fan unit can also be controlled separately with an optional EC controller (IEC).

Can be connected directly to the following hoods:

  • Blues 500 and 600 mm, directly above the hood (with 100 mm duct)
  • Salsa 500 and 600 mm, directly above the hood (with 100 mm duct)
  • < li>Jazz Smart hood also can be connected, but this will require a longer duct between the hood and the fan unit.
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