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Controllers Segnetics designed to automate various engineering systems such as ventilation, heating, water etc. are Well proven, as they have high reliability and have the capability of connecting a variety of expansion modules.
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Key features:
  • Support for different types of circuits: heating, hot water supply, pumping group (CWS)
  • Automatic constant temperature of the direct water circuits hot water and heating
  • Graphs of the maximum temperature of the water discharged in the network, the outside temperature or temperature in the supply pipeline of the heating system
  • Graphs of the dependence of the temperature in the heating system to the outside temperature or temperature in the supply pipeline of the heating system
  • Controller support SMH2G and SMH2G(i)
  • The Lite version with controller support Pixel — 25xx
The advantages of controllers:
  • SMConstructor at the same time gives you the benefits of using a configurable and freely programmable controllers are speed and flexibility.
  • Professional technical support from the manufacturer
  • A forum for sharing experiences and socializing with the developers
  • Excellent ratio quality/price.
  • Free tool application development
  • A free catalogue of programmes for Ventilation
  • A free catalogue of programmes for ITP

SMConstructor it generates the control program. It is ready to operate the controller. You just get a working project quickly, as if I bought a ready-made program together with a configurable controller. While you always have the opportunity to correct anything "by itself". And your program will always be exactly your problem.
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