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Petrochemical Chilled Water Systems Energy efficient Chillers Chillers provide highly efficient comfort for any room — from small projects to large commercial with different types of cool areas. Many of the actions on the production area and energy consumption depend on precise control of the chiller when the cooling production and the management of the microclimate. In combination with fan coil units for heating and cooling, the chiller can also control the microclimate in the workplace. When it comes to the cooling system, there are not enough blocks of the same size. In a wide range of products include a variety of Daikin chillers, created on the advanced technology and optimizing performance in any environment.


Daikin chillers include such innovative features as inverter control, free cooling, heat recovery and high efficiency compressors. You can be assured the highest level of efficiency and reliability throughout the entire service life of the chiller Daikin.


Daikin manufactures its own compressors for the chiller to ensure optimum performance:
  • Rotary compressors for mini-chillers have fewer moving parts, so they are more smooth and reliable in operation, vibration and friction is very low, with the result that the equipment runs quietly and efficiently
    industrial_solution_chillers_swing compressors
  • Scroll compressors stand out for their compactness, simplicity and durability, ensure the stability and efficiency of blocks of low and average performance of chillers with air and water cooling
    industrial_solution_chillers_scroll compressors
  • Frictionless centrifugal compressors have magnetic bearings, which increase the stability of the unit and reduces maintenance costs.
    industrial_solution_chillers_centrifugal compressors
  • Single screw compressors c stepless performance, large Daikin chillers and ensure the stability and efficiency of the blocks is high performance
    industrial_solution_chillers_single screw stepless compressors


Among the chillers Daikin chillers with air and water cooling and chillers with remote condenser
  • The most common are the air-cooled chiller. They can be used either for cooling or can be equipped with a heat pump. It is inexpensive, versatile and effective system with high performance.
  • Chillers with free-cooling function control reduce electricity consumption by up to 75% in the cold season. If the outside air temperature +2°C and below, cooling is practically free, it reduces your energy costs and extends the life of the chiller.
  • Chillers water cooled — compact and does not occupy much space in the utility room. Used in commercial and industrial applications, these chillers generate cold and hot water and can be used for cooling, heating or both modes simultaneously.
  • Chillers with remote condensers — flexible and compact, as the condenser may be located remotely. They can be used in areas with special requirements in terms of space constraints, noise or any additional terms.
  • Capacitors can be used with a plurality of air conditioning systems, process cooling and ventilation.

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