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The first is the maximum temperature on the feed heating system that is depending on models from 55 to 70 degrees. If you plan to heat at bole, we need the mixing unit with the pump. And the second is the temperature of the screed near the heating pipes should not exceed 55 degrees. About the large difference in the temperature at the inlet and outlet. Not quite the exact reasoning that using UNIBOX water flows in a thin stream and has time to cool from 70 degrees at the beginning and until you reach the UNIBOX to 25 degrees. It would be better to say that the flow along the contour and cooling in cycles. Ie went the water in the loop, let's say 60gradusov,after a minute or two reach this temperature to UNIBOX, which stops the flow. Circulation and stopping the entire circuit gives the heat evenly to the screed. Cold water up to the displayed let's say 30 degrees, and again starts the fill cycle of the circuit. The more heated screed, the less likely are cycles. The lower the temperature on the pitch, the greater the restriction of the return of the UNIBOX is on the canal (not loops, I hope this sentence is understandable:)don't know how to explain it correctly.)If you want the area divided into two circuits, UNIBOX offers this solution.


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