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Knowledge Ambient energy, Block, room air conditioners and heat pumps, Building materials and performance construction solutions, Calculations of energy, Central forced air heating and cooling, Clean space, Climate information, Commercial refrigeration equipment for food and beverage, Commissioning of the building, Computer applications, Condensation of the refrigerant, Control system of chiller and accessories, Cooling towers and evaporative condensers, Critical facilities, data centers, technology spaces and electronic equipment, Data and calculation procedure of the load, Design of HVAC and construction technology, Designing of air ducts, Electrical system, Energy recovery air, Equipment and components for drainage, Evaporative cooling, Exergy analysis for sustainable buildings, Fans, Fuel and combustion, Geothermal heat pump and the device energy recovery, Health, Heat pumps air-to-freon, Heat pumps water-to-freon, Heat transfer and fluid flow, High-rise buildings, Hydraulic and steam equipment and systems, Individually designed refrigeration system, Industrial air cleaning (MAC), Industrial air conditioning, Industrial ventilation, Insulation of mechanical systems, Intelligent building systems, Kitchen ventilation, Laboratory system, Management of operation and maintenance, Master of Business Administration, Moisture management in buildings, Moisturizing equipment, Motors and motor control, Of the cogeneration system, Operations operation and maintenance which influence the efficiency, Optimization, Own and operating costs, Physiology and the human environment, Quality and evaporation of the air in the indoor pool, Radiation heating and cooling, Refrigerant piping, controls and accessories, Room refrigerator and freezer, Security HVAC, Service water heating systems, Smoke protection, Sound and vibration, Testing and balancing, The behavior of the tenants in the buildings, The calculations for cooling capacity, The distribution of air in the room, The energy efficiency of the building, The information model of buildings, The integrated design of the building, The use of solar energy, Thermal storage, Thermodynamics and psychrometry, Tools and measurements, Ultraviolet air and surface treatment, Variable refrigerant flow, Ventilation requirements and infiltration
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