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Heating using condensing boilers

Modern condensing boilers, liquid fuel and gas is an important part of convincing energy concepts high-performance machinery.

In old boilers the heating produced by the combustion of the exhaust gases is not used and output through the chimney. Condensing boilers on liquid fuel and gas production Viessmann arranged in another way. They use the heat of exhaust gases and consequently achieved a much higher degree of efficiency.

Thus, You save when using condensing boilers

Reliable condensing boilers is obviously the most effective technique with the use of liquid fuel and gas. Energy efficiency is up to 98 %.

The difference of the condensing gas boiler from traditional is to use not only the heat generated by the combustion of gas and heat released during the condensation of steam formed by the combustion of gas. The products of combustion pass through a heat exchanger Inox-Radial stainless steel and as you progress through cooled to the return temperature of the heating system so that couples deliberately condenseries and releases energy in the form of heat.

The condensation technique at first glance

  • No more energy-efficient heating equipment than condensation. Its energy efficiency is 98%.
  • Compared to traditional heating plants, energy consumption may be reduced to 30 %.
  • Due to the insignificant cost of purchasing Your investment pays for itself in a few years.
  • For the production of all condensing boilers and heat exchangers use high-quality alloy stainless steel. This ensures reliability and long life.
  • Condensing boilers Viessmann is already today prepared for the use of biological liquid fuels and biogas.
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