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ORLANSKI Orligno 100 with a system for burning pellets is a fully automatic boiler with a contemporary method of adjusting the type of “Fuzzy Logic”. The boiler is adapted to burn solid fuel and biomass in the form of pellets or grain as a substitute. The device is equipped with: burner with automatics, flexible feed pipe, a fuel reservoir with a cap sleeve under the boiler sensor, a set of ceramic stones profile and lower the door for installation of the burner. The combustion of granulated biomass feeder delivers fuel from the tank to the burner. Depending on the requirements of thermal energy, one download is enough for a period of 7 to 30 days. In the burner the fuel is automatically ignited heating element with a power of 330 watts. Appearing at work, the ash is automatically moved in the ash drawer. The available power of 16 kW and 24 kW.



Pellet burner ORLECO ORLANSKI is an appliance that enables ecological combustion of pellets (pellet or as a substitute for grain) in boilers to solid fuel. Thanks to the automatic fuelling and control the flame using the burner ORLANSKI ORLECO – for burning pellets – provides maximum comfort compared to any other solid fuel. In addition ORLECO ORLANSKI is an appliance that cleans itself, allowing it to act without staff.

Features burner ORLANSKI ORLECO

  • Automatic start of the burner.
  • Automatic burner modulation Fuzzy Logic II generation.
  • The flame monitoring photocell.
  • Low thermal inertia during start and stop.
  • Autostart function after power off memorizes last settings.
  • The ability to control up to 16 heating circuits (radiators and Underfloor heating or hot water).
  • Temperature control in the combustion chamber, provides security at the highest level.
  • 3-phase lighting to eliminate fuel gas explosions during firing.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Air distribution to primary and secondary – to reduce emissions to the level of gas and oil burners.
  • Efficiency up to 91%.

Prices ORLANSKI boilers, pellet boilers

Country of origin Poland
Пеллетный котел Orlanski Orligno 100
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