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Technical parameters achieved during the combustion of wood, meets the most demanding European standards, and tellingly, guarantee twice more heat than conventional boilers, and fireplaces. Equipment adapted for use in closed and open systems according to local regulations. ORLANSKI ORLAN boilers are designed for heating different types of environments are Most commonly used in homes, dryers, manufacturing plants and workshops. ORLANSKI ORLAN adapted to the use of fuel wood of various granulation from sawdust to wood shavings, sawdust and wood chips should be burned along with the logs.



  • Available power 18 kW, 25 kW, 40 kW, 60 kW and 80 kW.
  • Efficiency up to 91%.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Simple and convenient maintenance.
  • Small amounts of ash.
  • A large loading chamber.
  • The working time between loads up to 12 hours.
  • Boilers of different capacities: 18 to 80 kW.
  • Modulated fan power 30 100%.
  • Adapted to operate in a closed system.
  • Electronic regulator with connection for remote control EKOSTER CONTROL.
  • No burdensome on the environment.
  • Made of high quality boiler steel.

Technical parameters of the boiler ORLAN

Best materials, best quality

  • The boiler body vnutrennii casing of the boiler is made from welded elements of a boiler sheet of thickness 6 mm. the Outer casing of the boiler is made of structural steel sheet metal, thickness 4 mm. Fittings are made from steel pipes.
  • Heat exchanger the heat exchanger is the boiler flue pipe with a diameter of 57 mm and a thickness of 4 mm.
  • Insulation external sump boiler zaizolirovali from the outside of the insulation material 20 mm thick,protected by a steel sheet 0.8 mm thick with powder varnish.
  • Chimney valve made of high quality structural sheet metal.
  • The secondary air fan with motor, mounted on the front of the boiler. The fan housing is tin with a thickness of 0.8 mm.
  • The controller of the boiler placed on top of the roof of the boiler. Attached to the casing of the boiler with retractable hooks
  • Smoke hog manufactured from steel pipe with a thickness of 4 mm.
  • The ashtray steel bottom of the combustion chamber equipped with a ceramic ashtray (temp.work 1800C) and additionally poured a layer of Jarabacoa, which stores it in the high temperature.
  • The door of the boiler w of high quality structural steel, insulated with insulating material and poured inside Jarabacoa. Density dvarav boiler provides heat-resisting fiberglass cord.

Schematic diagram of the ORLANSKI boiler ORLAN

1 flue Pipe;
2 Cover of the heat exchanger;
3 Cover the chimney;
4 Outlet of heated water;
5 Thermometer sensor;
6 Thermostat sensor;
7 the Controller of the boiler;
8 Upper door;
9 Handle of the upper door;
10 loading chamber (gasification);
11 Valve of the fan;
12 Fan
13 the fan Casing;
14 Nozzle made of refractory concrete;

15 Valve, flow adjustment starinnogo air;
16 combustion Chamber;
17 Bottom door;
18 heat Exchanger;
19 Exit of products of combustion;
20 Entrance of the heated water;
21 is the flow of secondary air;
22 of puskach;
23 For secondary air;
24 Grate water grate;
25 Insulation;
26 Ash pan;
27 Obespechivaushyi coil;
28 the System of mechanical cleaning of fire tubes;


Microprocessor temperature regulator EKOSTER 2 is designed to control the boost and run the circulation pump equipment TS.about.

The controller performs the following functions:

  • Support the set temperature of boiler by controlling the boost.
  • Smooth excluding the explosion of wood gas start and blower.
  • Adjustable blower power (service order).
  • The programmed blowing of the boiler.
  • Auto-off control after the attenuation of the boiler.
  • The blocking of the blower during filling with fuel.
  • Circulation pump control TS.about.
  • COMFORT SYSTEM system exclusive locking of the pump during operation of the boiler.
  • Protection against freezing and overheating of the boiler.
  • Increase the brightness of the control panel screen while changing settings.
  • Interaction with a remote control Ekoster Control.

The price of pyrolysis boilers ORLANSKI ORLAN

Country of origin Poland
  Orlan () 18-80
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