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Meibes mixing units

is a versatile system in its class, which is produced in the seventh generation. Uniform design and method of wall mounting allows you to save the form even for different functions. Meibes pump group is available in the following forms:

  • for circuit without mixer, which are often used in heating systems, boiler for loading and ventilation, the package includes the necessary valves and mount for mounting the pump unit on the wall;
  • for circuit three-way mixer, which is used for installation in a controlled closed loop heating system or loop system "warm floor";
  • for the separation of a contour requiring a heat exchanger and a separation pump, which is used in ventilation systems, the Underfloor heating systems and systems with a heat carrier in the boiler is different from the coolant in the circuit.

In addition, meibes pump group found extensive use for systems that require a limit temperature in the supply or return line. Guarantees the protection of the closed system or, on the contrary of the boiler is limited to certain temperature interval.

— meibes is an incredible selection of modifications;
— supply of all groups meibes is assembled;
devices suggest the possibility of installation on the wall;
— насосные группы meibes могут быть подключены и к контурам 1?, и к — 1 1/4?;
design of pump unit will certainly please fans of not only professional techniques, but also the external aesthetics;
— all pump groups meibes comes with a two year warranty from the manufacturer.

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