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Heating system using heat from air and soil

The heat from the house – thanks to renewable energy. Renewable energy sources offer relevant time and cost-saving alternative to conventional fuels. Because they are delivered gift – using the environmental heat, which is accumulated in air, soil and groundwater. By means of a heat pump is particularly efficient and environmentally friendly use of natural energy.

The principle is as simple as it is ingenious : to throughout the year use of accumulated in the ambient air, in soil or in groundwater of solar heat energy through the primary system heat exchanger is connected with the outer air, soil or groundwater. After that, the heat circuit of the heat pump using electricity rises to a temperature level that can be used for heating purposes. ТакимобразомВыиспользуетебесплатноеприродноетеплоистановитесьнезависимымиотгазаинефти. And Your investment amortiziruemoe for several years.

Effectively and comfortably

Heat pumps Viessmannнастолько effective because they provide a comfortable heat generation throughout the year. And in the summer, with slight modifications, the system can be used for cooling of residential premises.

The graph below You see an example how You are using modern technology for heating and buildings can use natural body heat to reduce energy costs and save valuable resources.

Natural warmth in a few words: You Have a modern heating equipment, but You want to further decrease the consumption of liquid fuels and gas ?
What to do if someone in recent years has acquired a modern heating boiler on liquid fuel or gas ? The solution is simple : with the use of bivalent heating system to achieve significant savings while reducing harmful emissions ! Since the heat pump is also perfect for supplementing an existing heating system on liquid fuel or gas. Thus, for example, Vitocal300-Ispolzuet the sun-warmed outside air and can be included in the system as a second source of heat. The smallest details You can learn from Your specialist equipment Viessmann.

Force of nature hides a huge potential. Use it and save in the beginning at least on energy costs. Including using heat pumps Viessmann.

  • Air, soil and ground water give You energy "on the house".
  • By means of a heat pump Viessmannвы will be able to effectively use this energy.
  • You become independent from oil and gas.
  • With Viessmann heat pump in summer, You can also use the ground for cooling.
  • Optimum Supplement for existing condensing equipment.
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