Evgeny Gantman - HVAC design engineer

Evgeny Gantman - HVAC design engineer

Over 20 years of experience in the design and installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in small and large (over 250 thousand square meters) buildings with world-famous contractors

The mission is to create projects that meet the wishes of the customer, energy-saving technologies and a combination of price and quality.

Summary of qualifications

  • More than 15 years of experience in project engineering
  • A deep understanding of large commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, proven skills of identifying and recommending optimal approaches for achieving energy and cost savings
  • Successful experience in project engineering of HVAC systems for the commercial, industrial, and governmental markets including general office buildings, educational, laboratory spaces and healthcare facilities
  • Advanced expertise, formal training, and technical understanding of HVAC systems, building automation systems, chillers, boilers, compressors, plumbing systems, etc.
  • Skilled in developing design drawings from concept through construction documentation using Revit, Navisworks, Solibri, AutoCAD, HAP, Instalsoft, Magicad, Sabkom, developing project specifications
  • Skilled in advanced construction technologies/ automatized solutions, incl. BIM, smart climate, BEM, CFD

  • Strong leadership and communication skills, advanced planning, project management, organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet strict deadlines
  • Highly motivated and willing to take on new challenges
  • Knowledge and practical experience with technological equipment and systems of the leading international production: Viessman, Carrier, Swegon, Daikin, Kermi, SNP, Systemair, Honeywell, Siemens, Schneider, Grundfos, Wilo, Oventrop, etc.
  • Profound computer skills (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, 3D modelling)
  • Programming skills (C ++, php, javascript, bash, sql, html, css, fbd)
  • Intermediate English skills
  • University degree in Engineering
  • Multiple trainings and internship programs at the HVAC equipment plants and design offices in Europe and Asia

Work experience

February 2021 present time: Chief Project Engineer in CredoExpertProekt Private Enterprise, Minsk, Belarus
Construction and project engineering of industrial facilities
Job responsibilities:
       Ensure a high technical and economic level of designed facilities and the quality of design documentation, track and optimize labor and material costs during the construction and operation of facilities;
       Control and manage quality, budget, safety, and schedule of the project;
       Together with the design departments define the scope of work for the construction objects, prepare the basis for the contracts for project engineering services;
       Control the technical and economic level of the approved design decisions and the timing of the development of design estimates;
       Preparate the assignments for subcontractors, define the standard and reusable cost-effective technological solutions, assemblies, structures, and products with the aim of their widespread use in project engineering;
       Supervise the development of basic technical solutions;
       Coordinate planning and surveying activities throughout the project, timely solve any issues related to project engineering and occurring at the construction, commissioning, and reaching of project capacity;
       Ensure the compliance of architecture and construction projects with the engineering project assignment;
       Execute the architectural supervision of the construction process;
       Participate in pre-commissioning, commissioning, and start-up to ensure successful completion of projects.


April 2018 January 2021: Chief Project Specialist in Investment Group S.A. and K. LLC, Minsk, Belarus
Full-scale construction management and engineering services
Job responsibilities:
       Develop reports and conduct the acceptance of design reports by the Customer;
       Control the development of a few sections in the design documentation related to Architectural design, Construction project phases (e.g., Heat supply, Heating, Ventilation, Cooling supply, Air conditioning, Technological solutions of the Energy Center), ensure the consistency in the sections and adjacent sections of the developed project documentation using BIM, information modeling technology;
       Control the deadlines of the project documentation issue, control the technical level of the project decisions taken, the timing of the development of the project documentation;
       Ensure the duly performance of the subcontracted design companies that are involved in the development of the project documentation sections;
       Provide acceptance of works in accordance with the project documentation;
       Solve issues arising during the development of project documentation, provide recommendations for the selection and application of rational and energy efficient solutions;
       Contribute to the resolution of issues by the state expertise and supervisory authorities;
       Participate in the monthly report preparation;
       Take part in drawing up and amending the regulations;
       Take part in drawing up and introducing changes to the Technical design specification, Project facility objective, Technical Requirements, etc.

 Key achievements:
       Led the design engineering project of a facility measuring ​​260,000 m2 and consisting of an administration high-rise building of 185m height, a hotel with a congress center (Radisson Blue), class A administrative buildings, a kids center, a bank, a stylobate part with a parking, a medical center, a sports center, an energy center (uninterrupted energy efficient system of heat / cold supply of the complex, data center).
       Performed BIM coordination and linked sections of project documentation of design companies from different countries.

October 2014 April 2018: Chief Design Specialist in Gazprom Transgaz Belarus OJSC, Branch for the construction of a multifunctional complex
Construction of a multifunctional complex
Key achievements:
       Obtained BREEAM Gold Level Certification for a high-rise administration building and hotel with a congress center.
       Developed standards of control and interaction with the contractors, consultants, and operators from writing a technical design specification to acceptance and review of project documentation.
       Controlled the energy efficiency of electricity, heat, and cold production by the energy center throughout the year through trigeneration.
       Developed technical design specifications for the entire design of heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems for an innovative multifunctional complex.
       Participated in the development of a technical design specification for an automatic building management system (BMS) united by a single control center for an innovative multifunctional complex.
       Took part in the writing of Project Specific Technical Specifications.

June 2011 October 2014: Head of Design Department in Teplov LLC, Minsk, Belarus
Design and supply of equipment
Key achievements:
       Developed a design department, incl. 5 employees, achieved a full payback in a year, introduced a few process automation projects.
       Implemented a few projects and supervised the construction of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for premium class facilities with interior design, including residential cottages measuring 400-1,200m2, Mercury, Accor hotels, OMA, Korona shopping centers, retail and office complex, class A administrative buildings, cafes, restaurants, residential multi-apartment houses with pools.
       Completed a few projects related to the refrigeration and air conditioning systems design and installation for data centers and server rooms.
September 2005 May 2011: Engineer in Belpromstroyproekt Institute, BelZEP Design and Survey Institute, Zarubezhenergoproekt-Minsk, Belarus
Design of large industrial facilities with various technological processes and hazard classes

Higher education

2000 2005 Belarusian National Technical University, Minsk, Belarus
Faculty of Energy Construction, Major in Construction Engineering/ Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Pool Security

  Senior hvac design engineer
  +375 (29) 695-55-52