Designing an air conditioning system is a process that will give you a complete idea of

  • what air conditioners to purchase;
  • how much;< /li>
  • where and how to locate equipment.

A well-designed air conditioning system is a guarantee of the health of workers and a long service life of equipment. An erroneous project is fraught with regular sick days that need to be paid, and breakdowns that will have to be fixed.

Telephone exchanges and server rooms, laboratories and data centers, as well as pharmaceutical production, and so on, belong to a special category. The performance of the equipment here depends on humidity and temperature.

What is needed for the design of air conditioning?

Drafting a project involves several stages:

    < li>collection and analysis of architectural drawings, plans taking into account equipment and furniture;
  • formation of technical specifications;
  • calculation of heat gains;
  • selection of types of air conditioning;
  • selection of air conditioning units - indoor and outdoor;
  • draft plans;
  • editing;
  • working draft and its discussion in the operation department.

According to the results, you get your hands on

  • general data about the project with an explanatory note;
  • plan of the drainage circuit and the entire cold supply system;< /li>
  • automation diagram;
  • isometric diagrams;
  • specifications;
  • paper with the calculation of heat gain parameters.
< p>Five reasons to order an air exchange system design

Air conditioning system design vaniya helps to solve the tasks. In addition, it has five important advantages:

  1. helps to determine the most optimal place for ventilation communication;
  2. helps to effectively organize air exchange in the most complex architectural object;
  3. masters will calculate how many materials will be needed to install the system and select the necessary equipment;
  4. you will have a scheme for installing the system;
  5. designing allows you to coordinate the stages of work with the contractor in advance.< /li>

Need a project? We will develop it in the most favorable terms. We offer a variety of air conditioners. We will arrange fast delivery of the necessary equipment.

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