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Modern houses are beautiful and at the same time complex structures, for the maintenance of which both ventilation and air conditioning are used. And in order for these engineering systems to work smoothly, and the air circulation to be efficient, the Engineer company offers the development of a turnkey air conditioning system.

Terms of Reference

Designing an air conditioning system is not mandatory and does not require approval in certain institutions. Nevertheless, it allows you to solve a number of problems - simplifying and speeding up installation, accurate selection of equipment, visualization of the system.
The terms of reference allows you to determine what the customer needs and how much he is willing to spend, and is usually compiled by the contractor.

System calculation

Achieving a comfortable temperature and humidity are the main goals of the air conditioning system. And in order to achieve them, experts make calculations, taking into account a number of key factors:
  • The area of the rooms and the height of the ceilings.
  • The number, area of windows and the cardinal points they face.< /li>
  • Average number of people in the room at the same time.
  • Presence of equipment that generates heat: PCs, TVs, refrigerators.
  • Presence of heating equipment.
  • < li>Furniture arrangement and wiring diagram.

Based on the results of calculations, specialists create a block diagram of communications and its drawings.

Selection of equipment and estimates

Structural diagram allows you to determine the power and number of air conditioners, the location of the equipment, the laying of air ducts and cooperation with the ventilation system.
The specification of equipment and materials allows you to accurately calculate the amount that the customer needs to focus on.

Agreement and approval Turnkey air conditioning assumes that the contractor works on the project before until the customer is satisfied. This means that all calculations can be repeated in order to comply with all standards, take into account the financial capabilities and technical wishes of the customer.

Engineer services

Our company designs air conditioning systems in houses of varying degrees difficulties. When designing systems, we use the latest developments and equipment in this area, which allow us to achieve the greatest efficiency at the lowest cost.
If necessary, our specialists will check the already finished air conditioning project for errors and offer solutions to optimize the system.
All work is carried out certified employees. Upon completion of the project, you will receive a package of documents and guarantees from the contractor.
You can learn more about the terms and cost of the service by contacting us at the indicated numbers.
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