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Installation of air conditioning, installation of air conditioning systems, maintenance of air conditioning systems 

Installation of air conditioners VRV, VRF, multisplit is not just hanging climatic devices with their connection to the electrical network. Here we are talking about a whole range of works, which includes drawing up a project, and coordinating the installation, and obtaining permits from specialized organizations. When installing air conditioners, many factors should be taken into account - from the noise level to the characteristics of the premises. To avoid mistakes, use the help of professionals.

General requirements

Before installing the VRV, VRF climate system, you should choose the most suitable air conditioner model. It depends on the size of the serviced premises. The following conditions will need to be met:

  • The equipment must be accessible for inspection, maintenance and repair.
  • Applicable fire safety regulations must be observed.
  • Heavy-duty air conditioners are mounted on solid supports.
  • The intake and exhaust of air must be unobstructed.
  • The air conditioning equipment must be well insulated to protect it from moisture, water vapor, ultraviolet radiation and open flames.< /li>
  • The noise level of the operating device cannot exceed the established norms.

The installation of air conditioners is described in detail in the project documentation attached to them. The most important document during installation is the terms of reference.

Installation of air conditioner VRV, VRF: drawing up the terms of reference

Terms of reference for the installation of an air conditioner, drawn up by the designer, includes:

  • The location of the object with an accurate description of its architectural features
  • Actual installation requirements depending on the model of the air conditioner
  • List of materials and equipment that the contractor will need

In the very description of the installation of air conditioners, all its stages are listed: punching mounting holes, installing brackets and blocks, arranging a freon line, connecting wiring, installing a drainage hose, crimping and evacuating the refrigeration circuit, installing protective automation and connecting to the mains. Many companies work according to a simplified scheme, when instead of a technical task, an individual installation plan is drawn up right at the facility.

Preparatory work

If the installation of the air conditioner is carried out by a company that did not draft it, then its specialists will coordinate their future actions with the designers:

    < li>Study the technical documentation that comes with the air conditioner
  • Check the completeness of the equipment delivery
  • Make a list of materials and components that are necessary for installation, but are not included in the documentation
  • Make up a work plan
  • Coordinate the work plan with specialized organizations and the customer himself

electrical connections and drainage system.

Two installation schemes for air conditioners VRV, VRF

You can install the air conditioner in one or two stages. The choice of scheme depends on the season, the actual conditions and the complexity of the installation. If it is possible to complete all the work in one go, then the sequence of actions will be approximately as follows:

  1. Blocks (internal, external), tubes and inter-unit wiring are mounted.
  2. The system is pressure tested and evacuated, after which it is connected to the existing power supply.
  3. Commissioning is being carried out with the accompanying determination of pressure, temperature and other control parameters.

If the installation of air conditioners is organized in two stages, then the connecting tubes are laid first, and their ends are securely insulated. Then the remaining stages follow: placement of blocks, pressure testing, vacuum, commissioning, control and measurement work.


  • Drilling a hole in a load-bearing wall
  • Indoor and outdoor unit installation
  • Output and connection of communications to the power source.
  • Commissioning.

Installing an air conditioner according to the standard scheme is the simplest solution, but it may not be used always. For example, a mandatory requirement is a wall thickness of up to 0.8 m, the location of the outer block under the window, and the inner one on the wall adjacent to the window.


In case of a non-standard installation scheme, the following types of work are added to all the listed types of work:

  • Drilling additional holes;
  • Wall chasing;
  • Piping.

Typically, air conditioning installations require a non-standard installation scheme if the customer has additional conditions. For example, the location of the outdoor unit above the window or in any other unusual place. And since such conditions increase the number of works, the service becomes more expensive.


    < li>Installation of a decorative box under the utilities.
  • Various wall chasing formats.
  • Exceeding the standard length of the route between the blocks.
  • Climber / aerial platform services.
  • Installing the drain pump.
  • Installing the winter starter kit.
  • Inserting the drain into the sewer system.
  • Connecting to the electrical panel and installing autoprotection.
  • Installation of a protective visor / anti-vandal grille, etc.

A prerequisite for all work is careful observance of all norms and standards, since the service life and reliability of the system depend on this.

The cost of installing air conditioners VRV, VRF, multisplit in Minsk can vary significantly depending on the selected contractor. The final price is influenced by the volume and list of work performed, the size of the system, the complexity and number of its components. In some cases, it may be necessary to equip the hydraulic circuit.


We design and install air conditioners VRV, VRF, multisplit in Minsk. The company's specialists will select for you the equipment, components, carry out commissioning and all the necessary tests. And as a result, you will receive a comfortable microclimate in the house and a set of documents with a guarantee for all types of work from the contractor.

The work is carried out by certified specialists with extensive experience in the field of air conditioning.
You can find out the price for the installation of a VRV, VRF air conditioner and project development by contacting us at the numbers indicated on the site.

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