Adjustment of air conditioning

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Professional adjustment of air conditioning systems allows you to achieve the greatest efficiency, reliability and duration of the system. In each case, a set of technical measures is developed individually, taking into account the specifics of the project.

Adjustment includes a set of works:

  • Checking the performance of air conditioners and fans against design data.
  • Checking volumes air passing through the system for compliance with the specified parameters.
  • Finding leaks in the ducts and other components of the system, if any.
  • Checking the efficiency of exhaust devices and hoods.
  • < li>Checking the heating uniformity of the heaters.
  • Launching all the components of the system in various modes and operating conditions.

The results can be very different. If the adjustment of ventilation and air conditioning systems reveals the presence of malfunctions, they are eliminated. If a specialist finds inaccuracies in the operation of the system, he performs tuning.

Tasks that are solved by commissioning

  • Guarantees correct start-up and reliable operation of the equipment.
  • Confirmation of the health of the assembled system.
  • Correction of shortcomings made during the design and installation of the system.
  • Exclusion of defective equipment used.
  • Setting parameters according to the design specification.

Commissioning is the only stage that allows you to thoroughly study and evaluate the assembled air conditioning system. They help to find defects, defective parts, so the most productive scheme is one in which design, installation, and commissioning are carried out by one organization.

Commissioning results

Adjustment of air conditioning and ventilation systems is usually carried out simultaneously and ends with the preparation of an act of acceptance of work and preparation of other documentation.

Inzhener Services

Our company designs, assembles, configures and maintains air conditioning and ventilation systems. We develop projects "from scratch" and correct already finished works, we carry out installation of any degree of complexity and commissioning of equipment.
All projects are implemented by certified specialists, taking into account all legislative and sanitary requirements. As a result of the work performed, you will receive a package of documentation confirming the correct installation and operation of the system.

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