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Air conditioning design in BIM

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calculation of heat inputs, hydraulic calculation of cooling supply, selection of indoor units by noise and air velocity, modeling, BIM.

Air conditioning is the processing of supply or recirculation air in order to maintain the required temperature in the premises, relative humidity for people, technological processes, storage conditions.

The air conditioning system is a system with a large number of possibilities that allows you to install and maintain a comfortable and healthy microclimate in the premises. Air conditioners regulate parameters such as temperature, humidity, cleanliness and air circulation rate. Therefore, it is very important that the system is thought out to the smallest detail and works properly.

Design and its advantages

Designing air conditioning (from an apartment to a trading floor) is a task that requires executor of relevant knowledge and experience. But according to its results, you get a number of advantages:
  • efficient organization of air exchange, regardless of the complexity of architectural objects;
  • optimal expenditure of funds for the organization of the system, as designers will select equipment taking into account the budget customer and the task;
  • saving time, as the design allows you to clearly define the stages of work, their complexity and deadlines.

A professional designer determines what equipment to purchase, where how to install and how to use.

System design steps

Drawing up a detailed and thoughtful design involves several stages of work:
  • collection and analysis of drawings of all serviced premises, taking into account the arrangement furniture, equipment;
  • determination of the speed of air flows and their distribution;
  • selection of the type of air conditioning, as well as units for air conditioners (internal, external);
  • accounting for the level system noise s for equipping with silencers;
  • drafting, making changes and drawing up a working design scheme.

As a result, the customer receives a number of documents reflecting all the work performed, calculations and features of the system functioning:
  • general information about the project, accompanied by an explanatory note with detailed information about the system, equipment;
  • hydraulic calculation of refrigeration supply;
  • automation scheme;
  • isometric diagrams;
  • calculations of heat gains, etc.

High-quality design ensures not only long and reliable operation of the entire system, but also a high level the safety of people in the premises.


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Inzhener services< /h2> Our company designs air conditioning systems for all types of buildings: cottages, high-rise buildings, industrial and commercial premises. We also audit ready-made developments, identify errors and help optimize projects.
Design is carried out by a certified specialist. You will know exactly what equipment is best suited for your building, how much money and time it will take to create a system. This will allow you to rationally spend the allocated budget and navigate the stages of work.


The cost of the air conditioning project is provided by request

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