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Eco M is a hydronic ceiling heating and cooling system in which the heating/cooling coil is securely connected to the ceiling sheathing using an innovative magnetic connection. The system works predominantly on the principle of radiation, which ensures a high level of indoor comfort, maximum energy efficiency and a comfortable draught-free microclimate. In addition, good room acoustics are achieved by a specially designed acoustic sheet glued into the perforated ceiling panels. Indirect lighting through the reflective surface of the ceiling provides glare-free illumination of the room.

The ceiling system is characterized by a wide range of applications and design options. It is predominantly used in office and administration buildings, shops, training and conference rooms, and hospital treatment rooms.

Eco M

  • Architecturally attractive surface ceiling
  • High heating and cooling efficiency due to excellent heat transfer between the profile system and the ceiling sheathing.
  • A combination of thermally active and passive ceiling areas is possible.
  • High level of sound absorption due to perforated metal ceiling tiles with soundproof coating
  • Optimally suited for renewable energy sources such as geothermal energy and heat pumps
  • Combination with various lighting designs as well as other ceiling installations and structures such as sprinklers.
  • Existing metal ceilings can be retrofitted with the Variocool Eco M magnetic system.
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