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Electric heating of houses and cottages is gaining more and more popularity. The cost of electric heating depends on the tariff at which the calculation will be made.

Our company is engaged in the design of heating systems for private houses from 200 m2, commercial and industrial facilities. All works are carried out by certified and experienced designers.

Thanks to the legislative acts adopted in the Republic of Belarus to stimulate the use of electricity, electric heating of houses and cottages is gaining more and more popularity. The cost of electric heating depends on the tariff at which the calculation will be made. Tariffs are graded according to the following parameters:

  • The total power of electric heating equipment exceeds 5000 W.
  • There are no centralized gas and heat supply systems in the residential building, but there is an individual consumption metering device electricity.
  • There are no centralized gas and heat supply systems in a residential building and there is no individual metering device for electricity consumption, but there is an electric stove.

How to organize electric heating at home in Belarus?

When planning the construction of a private house in which hot water supply and heating will be organized on electricity, you will need to visit the local executive authority. There you will apply for technical conditions for connection to the electricity grid. The issue of electric heating will be dealt with by RUE "Oblenergo" or another legal entity of Belarus responsible for the electrical networks in your area.

Let's draw up a scheme of actions when switching to electric heating at home:
  1. Studying the tariffs in force for heating private houses.
  2. Obtaining a permit for the reconstruction or construction of a private house.
  3. Development of a project for electric heating at home.
  4. Performing electrophysical measurements.
  5. Performing construction and installation works.
  6. Commissioning of a constructed or reconstructed facility .
  7. Receiving compensation for part of the costs caused by the use of electric heating.
  8. Concluding an agreement with a specialized organization for connecting to the electricity grid and supplying the cottage.

By decree The President of the Republic of Belarus No. 127 regulates the norm, according to which you can compensate for part of the costs for carrying out work aimed at electric heating of an operated private house in Belarus. Compensation is 20% of the total cost of work, but cannot exceed 40 base units.

How to draw up a project for electric heating at home?

A specialized design organization should be involved in the development of relevant documentation. From you, as a customer of the service, you only need to decide on the performer of this work, as well as on the tariff at which your cottage will receive electricity. If your choice falls on a tariff associated with the installation of an individual electricity meter, then the project will need to provide for the use of electric heating devices that are permanently placed and connected without plug connections.

The company "Engineer" will draw up a project for electric heating that meets the requirements of all applicable standards. Three reasons to choose this organization:
  1. Providing a comprehensive service - from design to maintenance of existing systems.
  2. Competent work in various fields: not only heating, but also air conditioning, ventilation , automation.
  3. Specialists are constantly trained in leading companies. The geography of internships is wide. It covers Italy, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Azerbaijan.

Due to the adequate price and high quality of the services provided, "Engineer" has a rich experience of cooperation with many well-known companies .

Advantages of electrical equipment

Boilers used for electric heating are equipped with a variety of protection devices:
  • From short circuit.
  • From overheating and overload.< /li>
  • From insufficient pressure in the heating system.
  • From failure of pressure and/or temperature sensors.
  • From lack of a phase.

To increase the working life of heating elements, their rotation is carried out. The electrical equipment is supplied with weather-dependent automation, a weekly programmer, self-diagnostics and remote control facilities. A special log can be used to fix errors, and a meter can be used to account for electricity consumption.

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