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A boiler room in a private house is a cost-effective alternative to connecting to central heating networks. The difficulty is that during its arrangement it is necessary to strictly comply with a number of standards and norms, since the safety of residents depends on this. Based on this, many homeowners entrust all work to specialists, choosing the Turnkey Boiler Room Equipment service.

Problems that a turnkey installation solves

• Overpayment for utilities;
A system that is assembled without prior design increases utility costs by up to 50%. Our specialists carry out detailed calculations, on the basis of which they select equipment and organize commissioning. As a result, the system works with maximum efficiency and minimum costs.
• Increase in estimates during operation;
If the system is assembled "by eye", then the preliminary estimate may increase during installation. Whereas the design will allow you to find out how much the boiler house will cost in general, as well as equipment, consumables, installation work in particular.
• Cold in the house in winter;
When self-assembly, the homeowner does not receive any guarantees that the heating system will work effectively, smoothly and for a long time. Whereas when ordering a turnkey boiler house, you get not only guarantees, but also the opportunity to quickly fix all problems in the system with the help of specialists.
• Leaks;
Poor-quality equipment and unprofessional assembly can cause leaks in the system. As a result, the system turns off and cools down, which in winter can lead to a rupture of the pipeline and unplanned repairs.

The advantages of building a turnkey boiler house

• Warm home;
Designed and assembled according to all standards, the boiler house will maintain a comfortable microclimate in the house under any weather conditions.
• Safety;
The contractor guarantees to the customer that the system will work not only efficiently, but also provide him with security. The system of step-by-step control of work allows you to identify and correct all errors and shortcomings in a timely manner.
• Fixed estimate;
You know in advance how much the heating system for the house will cost. In the process of work, the cost of the project does not change.
• Strict adherence to deadlines;
The company undertakes to complete all work within a specific time frame. If there is a delay, the customer receives financial compensation.
• Time saving;
You can be sure that the heating system will be installed as soon as possible.
• Timely service;
Turnkey boiler installation service includes a clause according to which the executing company undertakes to correct all problems in the operation of the system as quickly as possible.

Engineer services

The turnkey boiler room service includes a specialist visit to the site, selection of equipment and consumables, preparation of necessary projects and instructions, installation and launch of the system in test mode. After completion of all work, you will receive a set of documents and guarantees from the contractor.
All work in the "Engineer" company is performed by certified specialists. You can order the creation of a boiler house that runs on any fuel: gas, diesel, coal, wood or electricity. Call us for a consultation!

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