The boiler is the heart of a modern heating system. Boilers of the heating system are represented by gas, electric, solid fuel and combined equipment. Gas-fired hot water boilers: run on natural gas, have a fairly low cost of fuel and high efficiency, exceeding 95%. Solid fuel boilers: attractive both for the cost of fuel and for the price of the unit itself. Firewood, shavings, coal can serve as fuel for equipment.

By installation method, boiler equipment is divided into:

  • wall-mounted: compact devices for wall mounting;
  • < li>floor mounted: more powerful equipment for floor mounting.

Heating boilers

Heating boilers for the home also differ in the type of heat exchanger. The equipment can be:

  • single-circuit: it exclusively heats the room;
  • double-circuit: it provides heating and hot water supply;

Selection and purchase high-quality highly reliable heating boiler - the first steps in achieving comfort in the house. The second important step is the competent installation of the purchased device.

Since the safety and coherence of the operation of the equipment depends on the correct tying of the heating boiler, it is more rational to entrust the installation of the system to professional craftsmen. This is especially true for equipment with several circuits, the operation of which requires the coordination of all elements of the system.

You can buy heating boilers in Minsk from well-known manufacturers VIESSMANN, ORLANSKI ORLAN and order equipment installation from us. Contact us by contact phone number - our employees will answer all your questions and will definitely help you with the choice of suitable boiler equipment.

Gas boiler equipment is comfortable to use and cost-effective option for organizing heating - as at the time of purchase of the boiler , as well as during its further operation. If gas is supplied to your home, you have the opportunity to evaluate the full range of advantages of using these boilers.

Gas heating boilers are effective modern solutions

Models, brands and types of gas boilers are presented in such a large volume that it is not difficult to choose equipment for your personal needs today. In addition, the specialists of our company will help you with the selection of the necessary equipment.

Floor and wall models

The product line of manufacturers includes floor and wall models of gas boilers. Floor boilers are installed on the floor and are traditional solutions. They have more power than wall-mounted models. With good design, the boilers serve as much as possible, with full efficiency.

A wall-mounted gas heating boiler can be called a miniature boiler room. The compact body of the equipment houses a burner, a heat exchanger, controls, often several circulation pumps, a security system and other elements that ensure the efficient operation of the boiler.

A wall-mounted boiler highlights the cost, which is often an order of magnitude lower than floor models. The boiler is small and easy to install. Attractive design lines make the equipment an appropriate element of the interior in any style.

Models with natural and forced draft

The difference between the models is based on the method of removing waste fuel. Boilers of the first type involve the removal of gases due to the draft that is created in the chimney.

Forced draft boilers have gained popularity not so long ago. An assistant in the removal of exhaust gases here is a built-in fan. Buying such a gas heating boiler is an excellent solution in the absence of a standard chimney. To output combustion products, a coaxial chimney is used, for which only a hole is made in the wall.

The advantages of Viessmann gas boilers:

  • increased performance (efficiency);
  • The productivity of equipment varies from 83 to 93%. The high efficiency of the equipment makes it possible to use hot water in the kitchen and bathroom at the same time. But the higher the efficiency, the higher the cost of the equipment.

  • reduced noise level;
  • Quiet fan and double insulation of the case make the units almost silent, which allows them to be installed in an apartment or other residential premises . The cycling ignition system guarantees quiet switching on of the equipment.

  • energy efficiency;
  • The boilers consume fuel economically thanks to the installed weather-compensated automation and heat generation mode. Some models are equipped with modes called "Economy", which reduces energy consumption in a given period of time. The higher the degree of energy efficiency, the higher the cost of production.

  • quick installation;
  • All models are equipped with quick-detachable components that allow you to fasten them quickly. Commissioning involves marking, installation, connection and start-up in test mode.

  • simple maintenance;
  • The design is assembled in such a way that 40 cm of free space remains above the boiler for maintenance of the expansion tank. Since the front of the product provides access to all the key elements of the boiler, it can be installed in a niche or in a wall opening.

  • intuitive control.
  • On the front panel of the boiler there are rotary knobs, with which the owner regulates the temperature regime of water heating. The digital display reflects all the capabilities of the equipment. Special sensors constantly measure the temperature in the room. More expensive models are equipped with a remote control system.

In addition to all of the above, Viessmann boilers are distinguished by a high degree of safety and maintainability. The developers also took care of the strict stylish design of the units.

Boilers with one or more circuits

Single-circuit boilers provide only heating. Double-circuit boilers provide not only heating, but also hot water supply. Boiler equipment with a built-in boiler will provide even greater comfort.

Installation of the boiler

Connecting a gas heating boiler to common equipment is called piping. The duration and quality of your boiler operation will depend on the literacy of the installation by 80%.

Here you can purchase a gas heating boiler from a trusted manufacturer, the price of which will be acceptable to you, and order the installation of equipment.


Contact us by phone, and our employees will definitely help you with the choice of a suitable model of equipment!

The German company Viessmann

The company is considered the largest manufacturer of household and industrial heating equipment on world level. The sales network covers 74 countries and includes 120 trade branches.

The company calls its mission timely, comfortable and cost-effective, but most importantly - absolutely safe delivery of heat to the house and to production. Therefore, it uses innovative developments and modern materials.

Viessmann hot water boilers are the best solution for your home!

Boilers - Autonomous heating systems

Autonomous heating is the most demanded type of heating systems for heating of houses and cottages. There are several types of heating systems, which are named depending on the type of heating elements used. It is advantageous to organize water heating of a country house at the expense of electricity. According to the principle of operation and design features of the heating system, houses can be cast iron or steel, floor or wall. The equipment for heating the coolant can be & nbsp; TENovy boiler. An electrode heater allows you to save a lot of money, since due to the features of the technology at elevated pressure, the boiler is both a coolant heater and a circulation pump.

Country heating

Currently, country heating is organized quite simply it is enough to determine the type of equipment and choose a contractor who will calculate the parameters of the system and install the equipment, including batteries and other heating elements. For heating cottages in cities with strict environmental requirements, it is advantageous to use electrical systems. Electric heating equipment consists of a heat exchanger, a control unit and a container with electric heaters. Additionally, the system can be equipped with a filter, a safety valve and an extended tank. The system should only be set up by qualified personnel who know and follow the safety regulations. Electric water heating equipment is ideal not only for heating permanent housing, but also for heating summer cottages.

Electric heating boilers

Electric heating boilers are actively used in everyday life, the advantages of this type of heating equipment are ease of installation and operation, affordable cost, compactness, environmental friendliness, and no need for special care. The electric boiler works without noise and without smoke. For the rational use of electricity, electric hot water boilers of high power are produced in multistage. Depending on the type of heating element, heating boilers are divided into heating elements and electrode boilers.

Electrode boilers heat the coolant by passing alternating current through it, they have an efficiency of about 95-97%. When using heating boilers, high heating efficiency is achieved, their efficiency is about 99%, and the service life is more than 10,000 hours.

In terms of heating organization , boilers are very easy to install, for some models you do not even have to get permission from the relevant services. The sale of boilers is carried out with us, where you can get a complete description of the products and advice from specialists. The cost of production varies depending on the fuel and the manufacturer, however, the price of boilers is affordable for many. Since sometimes the space for placing heating equipment is not so great, there are different models of domestic boilers that are designed to be placed on the floor or on the wall. Wall-mounted boilers save space, but in any case, electric household boilers are not very bulky and can be placed even in small rooms.

Liquid fuel boilers

For domestic purposes, it is used as a heat carrier mostly solar. Diesel fuel is quite expensive, so operating costs are, perhaps, the highest compared to the types of boilers listed above (of course, at today's price level for this type of fuel). A year and a half ago, a diesel fuel boiler was much more profitable than an electric one. Now they are comparable. Purely operating costs (costs per kilowatt of thermal energy) are perhaps higher here. The given costs per year for 15 years of operation are comparable. There are practically no domestic boilers operating on liquid fuel in our market. An exception to this rule is the Russian-made boilers "Stavan M" (Podolsk), "RUSNIT" (Ryazan) and boilers of one of the companies belonging to the GAZPROM system (Kamensk, Rostov Region). Why did it happen? A burner for a liquid fuel boiler is a technically complex thing. Not a single plant produced good burners either in the former USSR or in Russia. Oil burners were produced for thermal power plants and similar consumers, but there were never burners for domestic and semi-industrial use. The fact that the first Russian companies are now trying to launch their production does them credit.

Solid fuel boilers

Solid fuel boilers - these are boilers as old as the world, replacing the good old Russian stove in the heating system. Most of the produced solid fuel boilers are cast iron, there are very few steel ones. They are also produced by the Russian industry and many foreign firms. As a rule, all these boilers are designed for natural circulation of the coolant and do not require electricity supply (although there are some exceptions). When putting a wood-burning boiler, you need to remember the following. If you heat the boiler with coal and do not steal it, but buy it, then this pleasure will turn out to be quite expensive - the price of heating in this case turns out to be comparable to the price of electric heating. Of course, the inconvenience of such a system is that at least twice a day it is necessary to heat the boiler and clean it manually the same number of times a day. Not to mention the fact that the operation of the boiler must be monitored. Unfortunately, it is impossible to automate the fuel supply and the cleaning process. Despite the fact that the boilers are equipped with a safety system, under certain conditions (for example, if there is no circulation of the coolant for any reason), there is a risk of the boiler exploding. There is another nuance to which you need to pay attention. Let me explain with a specific example. We built a cottage village of 30 houses. All houses were equipped with solid fuel boilers, installed, as expected, in the basements. The basement can only be accessed by going through the front door and a series of rooms. As a result, the owners of these cottages will be forced to carry firewood (coal) to the basement through the living rooms. Ash will have to be taken out in the same way. As a result, the hostesses are provided with at least 2 additional cleanings daily. It would be much easier if the boiler room had a separate entrance, but not a single cottage was provided with a separate entrance, primarily for security reasons. Almost everyone who has opted for solid fuel boilers has to balance between security and convenience considerations.

Boiler equipment

If we consider a modern centralized heating system, then boiler equipment and instantaneous water heaters occupy a fundamental place in it. There is a fairly wide selection of heating boilers on the modern market, but the question of choice may not be so acute if you decide on the type of building in which the boiler is planned to be installed. It is important to know that boiler equipment should be selected at the stage of building construction, since during this period it is best to decide on the entire heating system of the house, for a more accurate calculation of the necessary equipment elements, the type of fuel consumed. Boilers of various types can be installed in non-residential buildings. The choice of boilers is always based on the requirements that, in the future, it will be necessary to comply with the heater. The classification of boiler equipment can be carried out according to a variety of criteria that affect the cost of the boiler or the conditions for its use.

Classification of boilers

Depending on the fuel consumed, boilers are classified as follows:

  • gas boilers;
  • solid fuel boilers;
  • oil boilers;
  • electric boilers.

Gas boilers

The main advantages of gas boilers include low fuel costs.
Gas boilers are also divided according to the built-in type of burner : fan and atmospheric burners.
Boilers with a fan burner do not have radical differences from a boiler with an oil burner.
From a practical point of view, this is extremely advantageous, since by simply replacing the burner, a boiler with an oil burner can be converted at any time to gas fuel.
During the operation of a gas boiler with a built-in atmospheric burner, the process The formation of the gas-air mixture and the emission of exhaust gas occur according to the principle of natural draft.
In the event of a pressure drop in the network gas, boilers with an atmospheric burner are able to operate in a wider range than boilers with a fan burner. And also boilers with an atmospheric burner produce much less noise.

By installation type, heating boilers can be: floor and wall. Wall-mounted boilers are equipped with built-in atmospheric gas burners.

Types of boilers

Separation of types of boilers according to the material from which the device of the inner casing is made.
So, heating boilers can be made from:< /p>

  • cast iron;
  • copper;
  • steel.

Lightweight, corrosion-resistant copper bodies are used exclusively for wall-mounted boilers with low power. Steel boilers are much lighter than cast iron ones, they are distinguished by greater transportability, lower water consumption. Cast iron boilers are the most resistant to corrosion, they are more durable than steel heating boilers, they are characterized by high heat capacity and efficiency.

For more information, please contact our managers.

If we consider a modern centralized heating system, then boiler equipment and instantaneous water heaters occupy a fundamental place in it. There is a fairly wide selection of heating boilers on the modern market, but the question of choice may not be so acute if you decide on the type of building in which the boiler is planned to be installed. It is important to know that boiler equipment should be selected at the stage of building construction, since during this period it is best to decide on the entire heating system of the house, for a more accurate calculation of the necessary equipment elements, the type of fuel consumed. Boilers of various types can be installed in non-residential buildings. < /p>

Solid fuel boilers
Solid fuel boilers belong to the class of heating equipment that is usually installed in houses with permanent residence. Especial..
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