Installation of gas heating boilers

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Installation of gas heating boilers is allowed in the pantry, basement, kitchen and annex with ventilation. It is strictly forbidden to have equipment in the bathroom and living quarters. The process has many technical nuances that only experts know about.

Installation steps

  • Creating a heating system project - our specialists will develop a project indicating the specification of equipment and consumables as soon as possible;
  • Development of a work schedule - you know exactly when the work will be carried out and the project completed;
  • Installation of the chimney system and preparation of the premises for installation;
  • Installation of the boiler on a pre-prepared base;
  • Connection to the heating system and water metering unit;
  • Commissioning;
  • Provision of documentation confirming the correct operation of the system and providing all information about its organization.< /li>

Wall-mounted boiler installation features

  • The wall is protected from damage by refractory material.
  • The boiler is cleaned of industrial dust under high water pressure.< /li>
  • The pipe through which water is supplied is equipped with a filter and shut-off valves, which will simplify cleaning in the future.
  • A chimney is mounted: cylindrical with a cleaning hole or coaxial. The first is displayed above the roof, the second - directly through the wall on which the equipment will hang;
  • Draft is tested. If it is not active enough, the boiler automation turns off the gas supply.
  • Connect to the power supply and start the automation.

Features of installing a floor-standing boiler

A floor-mounted design is able to provide heat to a larger area than a wall-mounted one. Usually it is used to heat houses with two, three or more floors. Therefore, the piping of the boiler, the supply of coolant to the premises should be thought out especially carefully.

  • A concrete pedestal is being poured on which the heating boiler will be mounted.
  • The boiler is installed strictly horizontally.
  • It is connected to the chimney, after which the draft is tested.
  • Connects to the piping system inside the building. Be sure to put a coarse filter after the branch line.

Problems that professional installation solves

  • Efficient fuel consumption ;
  • Safe operation of the system - a thorough study of the project, phased quality control, commissioning help to identify possible shortcomings in the system and eliminate them, thereby guaranteeing the reliability of its operation;
  • Convenience for the customer - you know in advance and exactly the estimate of the project and the timing of its implementation.

Engineer Services

The company "Engineer" organizes the design, installation and commissioning of gas boilers of all types. Our experts will help you choose the right equipment for your home and organize the process up to the launch of the heating system.

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