Boiler room installation

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A home can be called comfortable if the heating system does its job “perfectly” at the lowest temperatures. But to achieve such a result is not as easy as it might seem. This requires a competent design and professional installation of the boiler room.

Requirements for the boiler room

  • The boiler room can be located in the basement, on the first floor of the building or in the annex.
  • Height of the room - from 2 .5 m, and the area - from 15 m3.
  • The door should only open outward.
  • Effective ventilation is mandatory.
  • The walls in the boiler room must have a fire resistance rating 0.75 hours

Preparing the boiler room

If there is a pre-prepared project, you know exactly what fuel and power the equipment will operate on, what requirements are placed on the premises:

  • construction of a concrete podium under the boiler;
  • protection of the wall with refractory material;
  • supply of electrical wiring for automation and a pump;
  • installation of a ventilation system and a chimney, etc.

Installation equipment

First, a boiler is installed in the boiler room (on the wall, on the floor), an expansion tank, a boiler and additional equipment. After that, the boiler is assembled (if necessary) and the equipment is connected. Then the system is connected to pipelines and a chimney. System automation completes the work.

Boiler binding

One of the hardest and the most important stages at which the system for distributing the coolant throughout the house and radiators is assembled. The main task of the strapping is to maintain the temperature of the coolant (water, antifreeze) for a long time. It determines the degree of heating of the coolant, reduces the intensity of processes during overheating and redistributes heat during cooling.
Depending on the task, the conditions for its implementation and the customer's capabilities, one of the piping options is selected:

  • with natural circulation;
  • with forced circulation;
  • with collector wiring;
  • using primary-secondary rings and pump systems.

Professionally executed piping becomes a guarantee of durability, reliability and safety of the heating system.

Services of the company "Inzhener"

Our company designs, installs, tests and commissions a boiler room with gas, liquid fuel, solid fuel, electric boilers. We help you make all the calculations and choose the equipment so that your home is always warm. Even if it is an abnormally cold winter outside.
Based on the results of the installation of the boiler house, you will receive an acceptance certificate and a set of documents confirming the correct operation of the system.

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