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Installation of a heating system is a technically complex engineering task that must be carried out clearly according to the project, in accordance with all norms and standards. Otherwise, the homeowner may lose heat in severe frost, and then spend a substantial amount on repairs or replacement of expensive equipment. Therefore, entrusting the task of heating a house (from a private cottage to a multi-storey building) makes sense only to qualified specialists. We recommend to carry out installation work only after drawing up the project. You can contact us for help with a ready-made project or order design from the company's employees.

Installation stages

The heating system consists of a large number of components: boiler, pipeline, radiators, underfloor heating, roof heating, and so on. Therefore, all work is carried out strictly in stages:
  • Detailed analysis of the object. If the installation and design were carried out by different companies, the installer arrives at the site, takes measurements, studies the project and clarifies the technical details.
  • Installation of heating equipment (solid fuel boilers, gas boilers, radiator system, pipelines).
  • < li>Automation of the heating system, if provided for by the project.
  • Commissioning, which allows you to adjust the operation of the system, detect shortcomings, correct them and guarantee the reliable operation of the system.
  • Drawing up an act of completed work.

Engineer specialists design and install water, gas, autonomous heating systems. If defects and inconsistencies are identified during the installation process, we will correct them, develop the optimal solution and select equipment. factors.

Problems that professional installation excludes:
  • lack of pressure or insufficient pressure in the pipeline, which is not enough for high-quality heating of the building;
  • extremely high pressure that can break pipes;
  • uneven load distribution disables radiators, boiler.

Professional installation is based on technical calculations, pipe diameter, number of radiators, careful selection of equipment and places for its installation. As a result, you reduce the budget for installing heating and get rid of the risk of being left without heat during the cold season.


The schedule of work is compiled on the basis of project documentation, which indicates the sequence of work and the timing of their implementation. The heating system consists of the following components - radiators and convectors, pipes, fittings, balancing valves, fittings, ball valves, manifolds and thermostats.


System pipes can be one-pipe and two-pipe. In the first case, the batteries are connected in series, forming a vicious circle. In the second, the coolant approaches the batteries through one pipe, and leaves through the other. In addition, it is planned to install heating risers, intermediate distribution units.


The batteries are located strictly under the windows at a distance of 10-12 cm from the window sill, 8– 12 cm to the floor and 3-5 cm to the wall. In this case, the connection can be of two types: bottom and side (diagonal / one-sided).


Installing heating in a house often involves work for the creation of "warm floors". They can be used as the main and additional heating equipment. Typically, the system is mounted above the communications, which are hidden in the screed, or above the ceiling after insulation and waterproofing.


pressure exceeding the working value. If the system operates under this load for about 15 minutes and shows a stable pressure, then all standards are met. After that, the boiler is started and configured, the operation of all nodes of the heating system is checked. Based on the results, you sign an acceptance certificate.


Comfortable microclimate;
A well-designed and installed system will provide your home with heat even in the most severe frosts.
Combination of high efficiency and low utility costs;
The system works smoothly and efficiently, while keeping the costs of the homeowner at a minimum.
Guaranteed safe operation;
Malfunctions in the heating system can be fraught with serious problems. Therefore, the main task of engineers and assemblers is to guarantee the high quality of their work. Step-by-step quality control allows you to achieve your goal.
Save time;
All work is carried out strictly according to the schedule, so you know exactly when you can move into the house.

Engineer services

Heating systems are the main specialization of the company. We design, test and install heating systems for projects of any complexity (from a private house to a whole production). For clients who have ordered a system project from a third-party company and have doubts about its quality, we offer a project audit. It will allow you to identify shortcomings, optimize costs and achieve efficient system operation.

We also offer turnkey installations to our customers. Development and installation of heating are carried out by certified specialists. Based on the results of the work, the customer receives a package of relevant documents and guarantees from the contractor.

All work is performed by a certified specialist. We know everything about advanced technologies, materials, equipment and will help you create and implement a resource-saving system that will serve the owner for a long time.

The cost of installation work for private housing construction

Radiator heating installation:
№  Name Price, BYN
1   Installation and connection of a steel radiator to the route of the pipeline                      89  
2  Installation and connection of the floor convector to the pipeline route for 1 r.m. convector                   128  
3  Piping  to the places of installation of heating devices & nbsp; for 1 rn                       5  
4  Installing an overhead (embedded) cabinet                      51  
5  Distribution manifold piping                   115  
6  Installation of radiator heating lines from boiler equipment to risers, distributors and through transit rooms for 1 r.m.                        8  

< col>
Underfloor heating installation:
№  Name Price, BYN
1 Laying of underfloor heating pipeline for 1 r.m.                      2  
2  Installation of the underfloor heating line from boiler equipment to risers, distributors, through transit rooms and from distributors to installation sites warm floors for 1 r.m.                      8  
3 Installation of an external (surface) cabinet for underfloor heating distributor                      51  
4 Installation and connection of underfloor heating distributor                   115  

< col>
Plumbing installation:
№  Name Price, BYN
1  Laying a water supply pipeline to the installation sites of plumbing fixtures for 1 m.p.                       5  
2   Installation of threaded outlets for plumbing fixtures for water supply with connection of pipelines & nbsp;                    26  
3  Installation of water supply route from boiler equipment through transit premises for 1 rn                       8  
4  Installation of watering taps                      26  

< col>
Installation of the sewerage system:
№  Name Price, BYN
1  Installation of sewer outlets                      38  
2  Installation of sewer outlets with assembly under the ceiling                     51  
3  Insertion into introduced sewer                     20  
4  Installation of risers (sunbeds) for 1 m                     13  
5  Installation of risers (sunbeds) for 1 rn with soundproofing                     26  

< col>
Installation of boiler room equipment:
№  Name Price, BYN
1  Installation of a gas boiler                   128  
2  Gas boiler piping                   255  
3  Assembly and installation of pump groups                     51  
4  Pump group piping                   102  
5  Installation and piping of the boiler                    510  
6  Mounting and piping the expansion tank                     51  
8  Assembly of the chimney                    128  
9  Hydraulic testing, system filling                    128  
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