Installation of heating in a private house

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Installing heating in a private house is no less complicated process than designing and calculating a heating system. His task is to bring to life the plans of the designers. This may introduce errors in the calculations, so the installer must have sufficient knowledge and experience to find a suitable way out of this situation.

Two schemes system installation

• Single-pipe
Batteries are connected to a common collector through one pipe, which serves to supply and return the coolant. Such a scheme is most complex and expensive, since the coolant cools down in the process of moving along the radiators. And in order to achieve the desired temperature, you have to apply technical tricks.
• Two-pipe
The coolant goes to the batteries through one pipe, and returns through the other. Due to this, all radiators are filled with coolant of the same temperature. In addition, with the help of special valves, it is possible to install the heating system of a private house along with automation, which cannot be done with a single-pipe scheme.

Varieties of the two-pipe scheme

• Dead end
Pipes are divided into branches (shoulders), along which the coolant flows in parallel, but in different directions.
• Associated
The collector continues the supply pipeline, so the water moves in one direction in a circle.
• Collector
The most expensive scheme, since each radiator is directly connected to the manifold.

System installation conditions

  • Installation is carried out in a room with a temperature of +5 degrees so that the coolant does not freeze.
  • The main is installed along the wall, into the wall or into the floor at a height of 150 mm so that the pipeline does not was damaged during the installation of the plinth.
  • Installation is carried out without drops in the pipeline to reduce the risk of air locks.
  • Mandatory installation of an expansion tank and a drain to replace the coolant. It is recommended to change water once every 6-7 years, antifreeze - once every 3-4 years.

Engineer Services

Our company is engaged in the design and installation of heating in private homes in Minsk and throughout Belarus. We assemble and launch systems with various types of boilers (gas, liquid and solid fuel, electric) and coolant (water, antifreeze).
A certified specialist will carry out all the necessary work, after which he will test and adjust the assembled system. As a result, you will receive an acceptance certificate in your hands, as well as a set of documentation confirming the correct operation of the system.

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