Boiler automation adjustment

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Adjustment of boiler automation is a mandatory and final stage before starting the boiler house. Specialists set up safety automatics and control automatics to make the systems work as accurate as possible.

Safety automatics

The main task of the system is to guarantee the safety of the boiler house by shutting it down if a number of important parameters are exceeded.
Parameters to which the system reacts:
• pressure and temperature value;
• increased pressure.
All indicators are controlled by special sensors that send a signal to the controller or control panel. If the parameters exceed the specified rate, the automatic shutdown option is activated.

Automatic control

The main task of the system is to give the coolant such a temperature as to increase the productivity of the boiler house and reduce fuel costs.
A common solution is - weather-dependent automation that corrects the temperature of the carrier in accordance with the degree of outside air. The system is adjusted using three-way valves with an electric motor. The signals from the installed sensors are sent to the controller or switchboard.
All technological control processes must occur sequentially, without pressure surges and sudden temperature changes.

Equipment setup includes the following steps:

  • Checking the compliance of shut-off and control devices and process conditions.
  • Calculation of the flow parameters of the control elements and normalization using the settings.
  • Carrying out preparatory measures for the start-up and start-up of the automation system .
  • Perform detailing of static and dynamic indicators and adjust indicators.
  • Organize test activities and assess the overall readiness of the system for launch.
  • Monitoring the functioning of the system after launch.< /li>

Benefits of boiler automation

  • Human involvement in the heating process is minimized - the homeowner does not need to monitor the operation of the system, the level of safety is significantly increased;
  • The efficiency of fuel combustion and the distribution of the resulting heat in the heating system of the building increases;
  • The set temperature level is maintained - high-precision combustion sensors help ensure that the boiler does not boil over for an excess of fuel, and the pipes did not cool down due to its lack;
  • The life of the heating equipment is extended - the operation of the boiler is controlled by automation, so that it is not subjected to excessive loads and lasts longer without the need for repair work.

Engineer services

Adjustment of boiler automation is one of the services provided by our company.
Certified specialists will develop boiler room automation projects with output to the controller and central control room. Based on the results of the adjustment, production and technical documentation is drawn up: a report with the issuance of a program of work performed, instructions, protocols and tables with the results of the adjustment.
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