Adjustment of gas boilers

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An improperly installed gas boiler consumes more fuel, gives reduced efficiency and endangers the health of the homeowner. Therefore, the adjustment of gas boilers is an obligatory and most important procedure before putting the boiler house into operation.

Stages of commissioning

• Preparation
The boiler room is checked for compliance with all safety standards. If discrepancies are found, specialists either eliminate them or offer solutions to the problem.
• Boiler room check
The heating system is checked for leaks (water / gas / electricity supply systems, as well as boiler piping) .
• Equipment testing
All components of the boiler room are checked manually: pumps, valves, fittings are adjusted. Testing begins with a small load, which gradually increases. If problems are identified, replacement or repair options are offered. Boiler sensors are checked and the first complex start-up of the system is carried out.
• Setting up automation and modes
When the boiler is successfully started, specialists will adjust the control board, the power of the equipment.
• Training proper operation of the boiler
Adjustment of gas boilers includes advising the customer on the use of equipment and safety.
Proper commissioning is a guarantee of the owner’s safety, efficient operation of the entire system, economical fuel consumption and long service life.

Documents that are compiled during the commissioning process:

  • technological documentation for testing, calculation of flow rates, pressure, temperature;
  • technical map of the facility, in which the conditions for testing, the optimal operating modes of the device are entered;
  • mode card.

Services of the company "Engineer"

The first start-up of the gas boiler must be carried out by a qualified spec alist. Our company offers the services of certified fitters who design, install and commission gas equipment of any complexity.
We create projects from scratch and work on projects from third-party companies. The executing company provides the customer with guarantees for all work performed, commissioning is carried out in accordance with all applicable standards and norms. Based on the results of the work, you get a safe boiler that operates with maximum efficiency and the lowest possible cost of raw materials.
You can learn more about the commissioning of gas boilers by calling the numbers indicated on the website.
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