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Setting up the heating system is the last step before putting the system into operation. And since in the course of work both errors in the design documentation and defective components can be found, all work - from the project, selection of equipment to adjustment - should be carried out by one company.
Commissioning is carried out after the installation of the heating system is completed.

Commissioning includes the following work:

  • Compilation of technological maps and prescribing nominal flow rates, temperatures, pressures.
  • Implementation of pressure testing of the heating system.
  • Performing hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal tests with the connection of equipment (places of leakage are established, the quality of the entire system is determined).
  • Checking valves.
  • Drawing up an act of acceptance of work and obtaining permits for the operation of the heating system.

Adjusting the heating requires a strict sequence of all the listed works. Only in this case, specialists will be able to accurately and quickly identify errors made during the design and installation phase in order to effectively correct them.

Tasks solved by the system commissioning

Launching in various modes allows you to test the system, including its automatic part, compare the obtained indicators with the characteristics specified in the project and ensure:< br>

  • system performance for many years;
  • high degree of safety in operation;
  • economical consumption energy resources with maximum efficiency;
  • prolonging the life of the system;
  • eliminating all defects;
  • minimizing the cost of correcting mistakes made.

  • The work can be considered successfully completed if the heating and water supply systems correspond to the parameters declared in the project, the system is reliable and safe Tew, and the cost of its operation is minimal.
    Commissioning of heating can have a different cost, which is determined by the complexity of the system and the amount of test work.

    Engineer services

    We offer a full range of services for the creation and commissioning of a heating system: design, installation, commissioning. The company is engaged in testing systems that were developed by our specialists and third-party companies.
    All work is carried out by certified specialists. As a result, you receive an act of acceptance of the object and a whole set of documentation confirming the correct operation of the heating system.

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