Piping of the boiler room on the water

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selection of the scheme for connecting underfloor heating, radiators, swimming pools, anti-icing systems, solar collector systems, hot water supply, ventilation, calculation of the chimney, weather-compensated circuit control

Boiler piping for water

Boiler piping - this is a set of elements that allows you to transfer the energy generated in the boiler to heating devices (radiators, "warm floors", ventilation, etc.). The comfort, energy efficiency and safety of the entire system depend on how correctly the components are connected. Therefore, the strapping should be designed individually, and not assembled according to a standard project from the Internet.

Boiler piping and basic schemes

There are several dozen piping options that differ in cost, functionality and economy. And all of them are built on the basis of three schemes:
  • Open one-pipe scheme - the coolant circulates naturally. This is the simplest and most affordable circuit without connecting to the mains and with low sensitivity to emergency pressure increase.
  • Closed single-pipe circuit - forced circulation allows you to warm up the radiators faster. The diameter of the pipelines can be small, the location of the equipment can be any, and the coolant does not leave sediment on the walls of the pipeline.
  • The closed two-pipe scheme is the most progressive piping scheme, which is characterized by the highest efficiency and high cost.
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    The choice depends on the wishes and budget of the customer, the type of building, the climatic features of the area and other things.

    Stages of piping design

    • Calculation of a hydraulic system. The most complex piping can include hundreds of elements.
    • Calculation of the electrical system. More and more often, customers indicate the automation of heating processes among the mandatory requirements. In this case, the designer thinks over the installation of thermostats, programmers, controllers.

    Competent selection of the piping scheme, components, determination of all installation stages and taking into account all customer requirements are the tasks of the designer.

    Boiler piping project

    After the work done, you will receive:
    • an explanatory note, which indicates all the equipment used in detail, the nuances of installing the system and other important information about the heating system;
    • drawings showing the location of the boiler, collectors, pipelines and other components.

    Engineer services

    We create piping projects for all types of buildings (private cottages, multi-storey residential buildings, industrial premises). In addition, the company conducts an audit of already finished projects in order to identify shortcomings and find ways to optimize.
    All work is carried out by a certified specialist. The task will be implemented taking into account the latest equipment and technologies on the market of heating appliances.

    You can order a turnkey project of a private house boiler house or separately by calling +375 29 690 80 44 Gantman Evgeniy.
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