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Turnkey heating of a private house is a useful and popular service that allows you to develop an optimal heating system for your home and reduce the cost of its maintenance in the future to a minimum. Qualified specialists will help you choose the system and equipment, design the installation scheme, carry out installation and testing. As a result, you will get a warm house and economical fuel consumption.

Introduction to the object

the key is preliminary calculations of the heating and water supply system. To do this, a company specialist comes to the facility and gets acquainted with the features of the structure. The engineer offers several possible options for solving the problem: the choice of equipment, the scheme of its connection.


At the second stage, based on the design drawings and the engineering plan, the specialist develops the most detailed project. Thermal and hydraulic calculations are carried out. As a result, you receive a project, an architectural design, a floor plan and a cost estimate for approval.
The final price for installing heating in a private house depends on many factors (the size of the house, the cost of equipment), including the architectural features of the building. Adding value to the price are:

  • large number of small rooms;
  • enlarged or wall-to-wall windows;
  • the presence of a winter garden, swimming pool, sauna;
  • architectural features, for the creation of which holes are made in the beams and thick walls of the building.

Installation work

object, and then installation of a heating boiler, boilers, radiators, a "warm floor" system and other elements specified in the project.

Testing and commissioning -setup

The system is pressure tested at 1.5x to check for leaks. Then a trial run is carried out to evaluate the resulting thermal effect. If, as a result of testing and commissioning, no defects are noticed, an acceptance certificate is signed. You receive a guarantee and a contract for the maintenance of the system.

Engineer Services

Our company offers a turnkey heating service in Minsk. We design and assemble all existing systems - gas, solid fuel, liquid fuel, electric, etc.
Design and installation are carried out by certified specialists. You receive a complete set of documents and a guarantee. If necessary, service will be provided as soon as possible.
You can find out the approximate price for turnkey heating and ask questions of interest by calling the numbers indicated on the website.

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