Design of heating points

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An individual heating point is a solution that allows you not to depend on the central heating system and frequent failures in its operation. The essence of the ITP is that the point takes heat from the central heating system and distributes it between the engineering communications of the building. Thus, the system ensures uninterrupted heat supply.

Individual heating point and its components

IHS is a system of devices and units that serve to connect to heating networks and control the heat distribution process.
Mandatory The components of the system are heat metering devices, reduction-cooling units (for steam heating systems), a mixer for distributing the heat carrier volume, pumps, shut-off valves and automation.

Factors taken into account in the design

When drawing up the terms of reference, the customer must specify the following information:
  • calculated heat load;
  • parameters for orienting the connection to heating networks;
  • type of heat carrier used;
  • architectural features of the building;
  • temperature regimes.

Next, the specialist selects the appropriate equipment, plans its placement and use.

Tasks that are solved during the design nii

  • Optimally beneficial distribution of thermal energy.
  • Heat carrier delivery to the direct user.
  • Optimal temperature conditions, taking into account the climatic features of the area.
  • Protection of internal mechanisms and assemblies from water hammer.
  • Maintaining the pressure at the desired level.
  • Compensation of the amount of heat loss during delivery to the consumer.
  • Cleaning the coolant from contaminants to avoid clogging of the piping system and units.

A professionally designed ITP helps to solve the problem of heat loss, as well as maintain all parameters in automatic mode. The modern approach makes it possible to equip the system with a large number of automatic sensors, which minimizes the amount of human intervention. As a result, the building is provided with heat stably and without interruptions.

The result of the designer's work

  • Explanatory note (composition of heat and power equipment, installation and use features).
  • < li>Heat station functional diagram.
  • Specification of equipment used.
  • All necessary drawings.

The total cost of the designer's work depends on the area of the object, composition and equipment manufacturer, degree of automation, features of connection schemes to heating networks.

Engineer services

We design individual heating points of any degree of complexity, and also accept ready-made projects for audit and optimization .
All work is performed by a certified specialist with extensive experience in the design of ITP. You can be sure that the point will be designed taking into account the latest technological developments and innovations in the field of thermal equipment.

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