In apartments and houses in Belarus, radiators are most often used. To date, there is a large selection of materials for the manufacture of radiators for heating, they are cast iron, steel, aluminum, etc.
The new generation of radiators have a very nice and modern appearance, but if you want the battery to be completely is visible, then you can install the screen on the radiator.

Heating batteries

- this is such a heating element, which is constantly filled with water. When choosing a heating radiator, special attention should be paid to the operating pressure of the battery and its power.

Heating radiators

is a key part of the heating system. When choosing heating radiators, it is necessary to take into account a number of parameters: pressure, heat output of the radiator, corrosion resistance, material, height and area of the heated room.
In addition, the type of heating battery must match the type of heating system in which you are going to use it. It can be a centralized system that includes city apartments and administrative buildings, or an autonomous system that serves country houses and cottages. , convectors built into the floor, etc.), differing in design, material and principle of operation. Each of these types has its own advantages, disadvantages and, depending on this, the preferred area of application.
If you need to buy a heating battery, please contact our specialists. We will make the heating of your home not only of high quality, but also beautiful.

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