Calculation of heating of a private house

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Calculating the heating of a private house is an opportunity to survive any cold weather with maximum comfort and without extra heating costs. Based on the results of the calculations, you will know what equipment to choose (type and power of the boiler, number and size of heaters, pipe diameter).

Tasks solved by heating calculation

  • Determination of heat losses for each particular room in the house;
  • Calculation of the total heat loss, which will allow you to choose the optimal power of the boiler or other heat source;
  • Determining the diameter of the pipelines used to create the heating system, the power of the circulation pressure, shutoff valves, the number of sections in the radiators of the volume of the heat carrier (water, antifreeze) for servicing the system - gas, liquid fuel, solid fuel or electric.

Selecting a boiler

Calculation of heating systems begins with the selection of a heat source, which Based on the most affordable energy source in the region:

  • Gas boilers. The cheapest option in terms of operating costs. Among the advantages are high rates of efficiency, safety, automation. At the same time, the equipment itself takes up a minimum of space. The only negative is that the price of gas only rises every year.
  • Solid fuel boilers. Second after gas in terms of efficiency. However, they require regular maintenance: they must be heated twice a day or more. Automatic units are more autonomous and practical than manual counterparts, but also more expensive.
  • Electric boilers. Rarely used because of the price electricity is high. The best application format is the installation of heat pumps of various types. But at the same time, a stable supply of the resource is a prerequisite.
  • Oil-fuel boilers. Work on diesel fuel, are practical, efficient and affordable . But to use them, you will need to build a special fuel tank.

Calculations of the boiler power and the number of sections in the radiator

All calculations are made in accordance with TNLA and with the help of specialized programs. The following indicators are taken into account in the process:

  • Air flow in the room;
  • Number, size and location of windows on cardinal points ;
  • Number of doorways, their size and quality;
  • Materials of which the walls are made (heat capacity);
  • Stories (is there a heated / unheated attic, basement);
  • The number of walls that face the street;
  • Peculiarities of the location of the house (the presence of a reservoir, forest, wasteland nearby) and so on.

The main components of the heating system are the boiler, pipes and radiators. But if the house area exceeds 150 sq.m., then additional elements will be needed - an expansion tank, a circulation pump, adapters, taps, filters, sensors.

Services of the company "Inzhener"

Our company will design and calculate the heating of a house of any height and configuration. All work is performed by a certified specialist with rich practical experience in the design of heating systems.
To consult on your questions, just call us!

You can order a turnkey heating calculation for a private house or  separately by calling +375 29 690 80 44 Gantman Evgeniy.
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