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Maintaining the optimal indoor temperature at low associated costs is the most important task for the owner of a private house in the winter. Savings are important, because the difference in payments can be very noticeable. In order for the heating system in the house to be as efficient as possible, you should make the right choice from the available options. To date, the heating of a private house can be water, air, gas, electric, infrared, geothermal, solar. Let's briefly consider each type.

Water heating system

The main component of such a system is the boiler. It acts as a source of heat for heating water. Depending on the fuel used, boilers are solid fuel, gas, liquid fuel and electric. The principle of operation of a water heating system is based on the circulation of water through pipes, followed by the transfer of energy to a variety of heating components. Already from them the heating of the entire room is carried out.

Radiators are an integral part of an efficient heating system for a private house. Before getting into them, the coolant is heated in the boiler. Due to the heat exchange between the heated part of the radiator and the air, the temperature in the room rises. The circulation of the coolant is natural and forced. In the first case, the movement occurs due to the pressure difference. In the second, circulation is organized by one or more pumps.

Hot water can be supplied and discharged using one or two pipes. In the first case, we are talking about quick installation with minimal costs. In the second, you will not depend on turning off individual radiators, and the heating temperature will be constant. If you have a large house, then it is better to stop at the two-pipe version, because then you will not be limited in the number of radiators, and the temperature in the room will not fall uncontrollably.

Hot water heating at home has a number of advantages:
  • The same temperature is set in all serviced rooms.
  • Fuel is used economically.
  • Pipes and appliances do not overheat.
  • The boilers operate almost silently.
  • Maintenance is easy.

Air heating in a private house

This method of temperature regulation in a dwelling has been known for a long time. And even today it is in demand everywhere: both in public and industrial buildings. Air heating occurs under the action of special devices - heaters. Warm air moves through the network of air ducts under the action of fans, covering the entire serviced space. As it cools, it enters through the return air ducts back to the heat exchanger. Then the work cycle is repeated again and again.

The advantages of such a heating system are obvious:
  • Availability of the heat source.
  • Quick and most complete coverage of the premises.
  • Risks such as leakage are excluded pipes and getting burned when in contact with a hot surface.
  • The possibility of arranging an isolated ventilation system.

Gas heating system of a residential building

The heating of the house in this case occurs due to energy released by a working gas boiler. This method is good due to the availability of fuel (gas is cheaper than electricity) and the possibility of automating the heating process. The gas boiler does not require daily cleaning of the furnace and can operate without supervision for many hours in a row. Such a system has its drawbacks:
  • It will be necessary to organize the supply of gas to the house.
  • To place the boiler, you will need to allocate a separate room.
  • In order to timely detect gas leaks, it is necessary to perform periodic checks of equipment and communications.

Electric home heating systems

The cost of this option will be very high. The heat supply of the house is due to the energy released when the metal is heated as it passes through the electric current wires. If the resulting heat is accumulated by concrete, then we are talking about an electric warm field. If heat accumulates in a liquid, then heating is considered electric water. A separate item worth noting is electric heaters that generate heat offline.

Due to the optimal temperature distribution, underfloor heating is closest to the so-called ideal heating system. Depending on the wishes of the customer, they can be not only electric, but also water.

If you do not want to clutter up your home with radiators, and a warm floor does not suit you for engineering reasons, pay attention to convectors. Floor convectors can be placed under large windows and doors. They will provide the desired temperature regime and at the same time will not overload the interior. If you want to refresh the interior, then install designer convectors. You will have access to a large list of models with an original design and a variety of colors.

The advantages of electric heating:
  • Electric floors are characterized by a quick output to maximum power.
  • An electric boiler can be used in any room, even seasonal living.
  • Such a system is the most versatile, since it only needs a nearby electrical network.

Infrared film floor

In fact, this is one of the types of heating electrical equipment. The film floor is a laminated panel with built-in heater strips. To obtain the infrared spectrum, carbon plates are involved, through which electricity passes. The heating scheme of the house at the same time depends on the location of these plates, because heating occurs by radiation from them. The film floor is characterized by ease of installation, good heating and the possibility of quick dismantling.

Geothermal installations

Heating systems of this type of private houses use the energy hidden in the deep layers of the soil. The components of any geothermal installation are a heat exchanger, batteries and heat wires. You can’t call such a pleasure cheap, but geothermal heating is suitable for any climate and has proven efficiency.

Solar collectors

The house is heated by a solar collector system thanks to electricity supplied from solar panels. The function of such batteries is the accumulation of solar energy. Thanks to the use of this free source of heat, heating of the premises is carried out at no additional cost. However, the solar collector itself requires considerable investment before launch.

You can order a heating project for a private house with a choice of the optimal source of heat supply by calling +375 29 690 80 44 Evgeny Gantman.

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