Gas boiler installation

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Installing a gas boiler in a private house is a common solution when organizing a heating system. Gas boilers are chosen because of their high efficiency, convenience and ease of operation. The only condition that the homeowner must comply with is the coordination of the project and high-quality installation, since the safety in the house depends on them.

Installation of the boiler

complete with equipment, and corresponds to a number of parameters:
  • distance from the boiler to the floor from 80 cm;
  • distance to the wall - from 50 cm;
  • fixing the brackets on self-tapping screws / dowels with a diameter of 6 mm.

The structure is equipped with coaxial chimneys, inside of which there are two pipes: one exhausts smoke, and the other brings fresh air. The chimney does not need to lead to the roof, as it is possible to drill a hole in the wall directly behind the boiler.
Floor installation requires a special platform under the boiler. Usually this is a tiled foundation in the form of a podium, which allows you to set the unit strictly horizontally. A standard metal chimney is connected to the boiler, the arrangement of which is given special attention:
  • the chimney must be straight (minimum deviations);
  • the maximum number of deviations is 3 pieces;
  • < li>the pipe protrudes above the ridge of the building at a height of 50 cm;
  • a window or forced ventilation must be used to ensure sufficient airflow.

Connection to the heating circuit

When the boiler is installed, it is integrated into the water supply system and the heating circuit.
Since the water is not particularly clean, the installation of gas boilers in houses should include the installation of a filter between the boiler and water communications.
taps and valves on the return and coolant supply lines will simplify repair work. Thanks to them, you do not need to drain the entire coolant from the system.

Checking the connections and test run

The specialist checks all connections for leaks, evaluates the installation in accordance with norms and standards, conducts a test run and gives conclusion about the operation of the system.

The advantages of a professionally installed system

  • The boiler produces the maximum amount of energy with the same gas consumption;
  • The gas system is able to heat large houses, which not all boilers can handle;
  • The problem of fuel storage is solved once and for all, since the system is connected to the central highway;
  • For a long time without repairs and equipment replacement - cast iron the boiler lasts about 50 years, steel - about 15 years;
  • System safety, since all work is carried out strictly in accordance with GOSTs and a pre-drafted project;
  • Saving time and money - even before the start work, you know exactly how long it will take n installation and what exact amount you need to focus on.

Engineer services

Our company is engaged in the installation of gas boilers, as well as the design of heating systems and commissioning works. All work is carried out by certified specialists, which is confirmed by the guarantee that the customer receives.
To find out the price for installing a gas boiler in a private house, call us at the indicated numbers.
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