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Installation of heating boilers effectively solves the issue of heating in a private house.

Installation of heating boilers effectively solves the issue of heating in a private house. But since the boiler is a complex heat engineering unit that is integrated into the heating system, installation work can only be carried out by service organizations and authorized specialists.

Basic preparation

Boilers are installed on a wall, concrete screed or all-metal base.

Installation diagram

  • Checking the boiler and carrying out installation work.
  • Pipe connection.
  • Gas connection (for gas boiler).
  • Chimney connection.
  • Leak test.
  • li>
  • Connect to the mains.
  • Start in test mode and check the operation of the ventilation system.

Wall structures are installed on a flat vertical surface that is able to withstand the weight boiler and accessories equipment. If the surface is made of combustible materials, then a sheet of non-combustible material with a thickness of at least 3 mm must be placed under the boiler. The boiler in this case should be located at a distance of more than 5 mm from the wall.


• Gas boiler.
Gas equipment belongs to the explosive class, so only specialists are involved in its installation and connection. The room, as well as the installation process itself, must meet a number of stringent requirements. But as a result you get a boiler with high efficiency and low fuel costs.
• Solid fuel boiler.
It is allowed to install only in separate and specially equipped rooms, unlike the gas counterpart. Installation is carried out on a special concrete podium at a certain distance from walls and other equipment. When properly installed, you get a safe, reliable system that runs on affordable fuel.
• Electric boiler.
to communications and is configured. No complicated safety requirements. A separate branch is allocated for power supply, grounding is carried out. In terms of price, installing electric boilers is more profitable than others, and in terms of fuel costs it is inferior to others.

Boiler piping

Piping is the connection of the boiler to the distribution networks and the water supply system. Its task is to evenly distribute thermal energy, preventing overheating of the equipment and ensuring the efficiency of the heating system.

Engineer Services

< p style="text-align: justify;"> We offer installation of boilers in Minsk - gas, liquid fuel, solid fuel and electric. If necessary, our specialists will develop a heating system project with a specification of equipment and components.
As a result of the work of certified specialists, you will receive a set of project documentation, system operation instructions and guarantees from the company. You can learn more about the boiler installation service by calling the numbers indicated on the website.

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