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The main problem for swimming pool rooms is high humidity and, as a result, condensation of moisture vapor on cold surfaces, causing corrosion and decay of materials. In addition, there is fogging of the windows of the pool room, which creates uncomfortable conditions for the people present. Therefore, the use of air dehumidification systems should be considered as the most important element of the engineering and technical equipment of swimming pools. The most effective way to combat excess moisture is the so-called. condensing.

The task of creating a certain humidity is an integral part of the design of the construction and reconstruction of any pool. Humidity in rooms of swimming pools should not exceed 60%. On average, from each square meter of water surface, about 200 g water evaporates per hour, which must be removed. This is necessary both for a comfortable stay of people there, and in order to prevent condensation of water vapor on the ceiling, windows, walls. Excess moisture in the room leads to the formation of mold, destruction of building envelopes.

Cope with this problem   with the help of a ventilation system is often impossible for for a number of reasons.

  • Dehumidification with the help of ventilation is effective in winter, when the humidity of the outside air is quite low, in the summer the outside air itself has a high humidity , therefore, a large air exchange is necessary to remove moisture.
  • Sometimes in the summer there is extremely high humidity on the street, so ventilation for drying the air in the pool is unsuitable.
  • To heat the amount of air needed to dry the air in the pool room through ventilation, a very large amount of energy is required.

Based on the  day, the correct approach to  creating the required air parameters is the following:

  1. Ensuring ventilation within the limits of the required sanitary and hygienic norms of fresh air (80 cubic meters per one bather axis).
  2. Removal of moisture remaining in the air after ventilation using a dehumidifier.


Dehumidifiers operate on the principle of condensation. With the help of a fan, humid air is sucked into the machine. As the air passes through the evaporator, it cools down to a temperature below the dew point, and the water vapor contained in it condenses and drains. The cooled dehumidified air then passes through the condenser, where it is heated to a temperature approximately  5°C above the intake air temperature, after which the air enters the room. The control system provides automatic maintenance of the set humidity level, and light indication on the control panel of functional states.

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