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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning turnkey

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A unique integrated heating, ventilation and air conditioning system designed individually for you with a single control center

     The main factors affecting indoor microclimate are outdoor air parameters (weather and air quality), human waste products (breathing, cooking, emissions from household appliances and equipment etc.).
     No need to explain that your health is directly dependent on the environment. 
     Complex system heating, ventilation and air conditioning helps to meet the needs for comfort and safety, and also promotes energy efficiency through a single control system.
     The unified control system analyzes the parameters of outdoor and indoor air and sets the direct corr A correlation between HVAC parameters such as temperature, humidity, air speed and air quality to help fine-tune systems' cost-saving algorithms to maintain a comfortable microclimate (warm in winter, cool in summer, fresh air all year round).< br>      Unified control system  is a solution that provides convenient single-point monitoring,  control and control of the atmosphere of your home with the lowest possible energy consumption without multiple duplication of elements.
      taking into account such parameters as metabolism, clothing preferences, preference for parameters depending on time and place, individual characteristics of the body, preferences of each of the family members and guests.



  • operational requirements
  • equipment reliability
  • economic efficiency
  • sanitary requirements
  • building and architectural requirements
  • fire safety requirements

Design and construction technology

    < li>Discussion of wishes and expected results, presentation of the possibilities of engineering systems
  1. Design task taking into account the use of technology collected from all over the world and adapted individually for you
  2. Contract (Obligations of the Contractor, Customer, Schedule, Communications)
  3. Collecting initial data
  4. Design stage "A ", BIM LOD200, Calculations, BEM, CFD, specifications, feasibility studies, and also see composition of the project further
  5. Departure to the site
  6. Linking with adjacent sections and the design project
  7. Procurement
  8. Designing the stage "C", CalculationsBIM LOD300-350, and also see the scope of the project below
  9. Installation
  10. As-built documentation, BIM LOD350
  11. Commissioning and certification, customization wishes
  12. Commissioning, testing by a professional together with the Customer
  13. Maintenance and service of systems

Also for individual tasks it may be required:
< u l>
  • Functions of the Customer, Engineer, Contractor, Designer
  • Ventilation survey
  • Modernization and reconstruction< /li>
  • Integration of engineering systems

    Project scope

    Graphic part:
    • Floor plans with systems
    • System diagrams
    • Assemblies
    • Specifications of equipment and basic materials
    • Assignments to related sections
    Text part:
    • Calculation
    • Results of equipment selection programs
    • Explanatory note: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning: 
      • information on the climatic and meteorological conditions of the construction area, design parameters of outdoor air; 
      • information on heat supply sources, parameters of heat carriers of systems heating and ventilation; 
      • information on heat loads for heating, ventilation, hot air water supply, for production and other needs, on the cost of cold and electricity; 
      • data on the estimated amount of harmful emissions, the volume of air removed by local exhausts; 
      • id-diagram of the process air treatment for premises requiring air conditioning; 
      • description of fundamental solutions for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems of premises, refrigeration of air conditioners; 
      • description of the placement of heating and ventilation equipment, characteristics of materials (pipelines, air ducts, etc.); 
      • description of measures for fire protection; 
      • description of measures for noise protection of designed systems; 
      • description of automation and dispatching systems for the process of regulating heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; 
      • description of the selected air purification system
    • Explanatory note: Refrigeration supply:
      • characteristics of consumers and data on the needs of the designed enterprise, building and structure for refrigeration; 
      • decisions on the choice of sources of refrigeration, their performance and adopted refrigeration systems; 
      • data on the results of thermal calculations for refrigeration chambers and refrigerated rooms; 
      • selection and description of the main refrigeration equipment used; 
      • fundamental solutions for the automation of refrigeration supply; 
      • < li> measures for the organization and protection of labor, safety, including noise protection; results of calculating the number of employees for servicing the compressor station and pipelines; 
      • characteristics of shop and inter-shop communications, solutions for insulating pipelines; 
      • assessment of the possibility of emergency situations and measures to prevent them ; 
      • data on water consumption, including for make-up, installed or consumed power of electrical receivers, indicating the coefficient of simultaneity of equipment operation.
    • Applications:
      • Instructions for use
      • 3D visualization

    Additional information

    • Project price
    • Technical supervision
    • A great gift for a person who wants to improve their standard of living
    < br>

    We can order project documentation for the following objects:

    • cottages, private houses, country houses, townhouses from 250 m2;
    • hotels and hotels of international operators;
    • restaurants and cafes with increased climate requirements;
    • Class A office and administrative buildings;
    • sports centers;
    • premium shopping centers;
    • vip cultural and entertainment institutions;
    • industrial buildings with an administrative part with increased climate requirements;
    • apartments from 150 m2;
    • private swimming pools.
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