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BlueBox Omega Sky Xi

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Water chillers and heat pumps for indoor use; screw compressor with variable compression ratio and inverter for capacity modulation.

HPW: version with reversible heat pump on the water side
OH: version with non-reversible heat pump
LN: low level noise reduction unit
XLN: extra low noise unit
DC: version with recuperative condenser

Max. partial load efficiency: SEER up to 8.3 and SEPR up to 9.3
Eco design meets Tier 2 requirements
Non-flammable refrigerant R513A with GWP=573
Falling film hybrid evaporator with low refrigerant charge
Screw type Variable Vi compressor with external inverter
Version with chiller and heat pump, each with optimized operating range
Advanced BlueThink control with integrated web server. Multi-logic function and Blueye® control system. (options)

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