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Chupikin Vladimir Sergeevich

Gantman Evgeniy Mikhailovich worked at OOO Investment Group S.A. and K." from April 2018 to January 2021 in the position of Chief Specialist for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning of the Engineering Systems Department of the Design Department as part of the integrated construction management of the facility “Construction of a multifunctional complex in Minsk within the boundaries of st. Filimonova - ave. Independence - st. Makaenka.

During his work, Eugene, playing a key role in the Project, has established himself as a responsible employee, able to independently solve the assigned tasks in a short time. The employer has no complaints about the work of this employee and considers it possible to recommend him for a managerial position in the engineering networks department.
  Director of the project IFC-Minsk LLC "Investment Group S.A. and K."

Makarenko Pavel Petrovich

As a specialist, I met Evgeny Gantman about 2 years ago. Eugene checked the project documentation incoming to the customer and gave comments to the designer. The comments I received were always to the point, reflecting Yevgeny's deep knowledge of his specialty. It was always possible to get clarifications on an incomprehensible remark, as well as to prove the correctness of the adopted technical solutions (with proper justification).

  Chief Specialist of OV and TS ODO "Brandstroyproekt"

Kovalenko Andrey

Implemented with Evgeny as a designer and consultant two factory buildings with a total area of ​​15,000 m2. During the design and construction, Evgeny made technical decisions, supervised their implementation and commissioning. The result met all expectations.

  Chief mechanic of OLMISERVICE LLC

Klimovich Evgeny Viktorovich

Evgeny Gantman has proven himself to be a competent specialist involved in his profession, has extensive experience in developing sections of project documentation for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning section. Evgeny Gantman is always ready to teach and share his knowledge.

  Engineer of the testing laboratory of OJSC "Trest Belsantekhmontazh No. 1"

Novik A.M.

Evgeny Gantman has established himself as a competent specialist capable of thinking outside the box, creatively approaching the solution of tasks. Confidently and scrupulously performs the assigned work, completes them within the allotted time without delay and delay. He has sufficient work experience to perform them individually and as part of a team, confident, purposeful, sociable.

  GIP ODO "Belpromtekhnologii"

Stoyko Margarita Nikolaevna

She worked under the guidance of Evgeny Mikhailovich at Teplov LLC in the design department (OVK).
I really liked the work, because Evgeny Mikhailovich created such an environment in his department in which it was easy to work. All tasks were distributed very clearly and the scope of work was extremely clear. If some points in the work were incomprehensible, then the problem was very quickly solved by a detailed explanation of the topic. I really liked the fair and attentive attitude towards the employees of our department.

  Design Engineer LLC "Teplov"

Mikhail Gauhfeld

I know Yevgeny Gantman from his joint work at Gazprom Transgaz Belarus, where he has established himself as a high-class specialist who can solve any problems in his specialty.

  Deputy Chairman of the "Belarusian Union of Architects"

Listopad Alexander Valerievich

I characterize Yevgeny Mikhailovich Gantman as a responsible professional who knows his engineering business, who is constantly developing, sharing his experience, and deeply delving into the essence of the issue. Diversified in the areas of HVAC and automation of climate systems. Knows all current trends in the field of activity. Deserves professional trust.

  1st category engineer at Venthouse LLC

Galisevich Roman Anatolievich

During his work, Evgeny Gantman proved himself to be a responsible specialist who thoroughly studies each issue and finds the best solution for each specific case.


Usov Fedor Nikolaevich

Eugene has a very rare quality for today's society - to delve into the essence (of a project, problem, solution). Those who understand the price and weight of this quality need no further information.

  Director of LLC "Architectural Studio"

Gazprom transgaz Belarus

Letter of recommendation

Gantman Evgeny Mikhailovich worked for Gazprom Transgaz Belarus under my leadership from October 2014 to April 07, 2018, incl . from April 7, 2014 on April 6, 2018 - as a Chief Specialist Design and Survey Department of the branch " Management of the organization for buildings and multifunctional complex " (Gazprom Center) .

His duties as chief specialist :
  • Preparing and design assignments
  • About suschestvleni ie control over the technical level of the design decisions
  • Analysis and assessment of risks proposed by the General Designer and other participants in the Design of design decisions; Making decisions on amendments to the adopted design decisions within the time limits established by the relevant regulations, in order to prevent delay in the Design. Organization of amendments to the design documentation
  • Support for the passage of project documentation of the state examination: organization of meetings with experts, consideration of the draft conclusion, task setting to eliminate comments; control over the elimination of comments of the state examination; accompaniment of the issuance of the conclusion of state examination
  • Monitoring and ensuring the implementation by the General Designer and other participants of the Design, contractual obligations, confirmation of the actual completion of the stages of design and survey work (deadlines, executive documentation, reports, compliance with regulations), including the analysis and approval of regular reports of the General Designer and other participants of the Design
  • Initiation, preparation and holding of technical meetings, keeping protocols and bringing them to all Project participants in accordance with the Project Regulations, monitoring the implementation of decisions made at the meetings, resolving disagreements with the Project participants, making claims to the General Designer and other Project participants in case of non-fulfillment or improper implementation contractual obligations
  • Coordination of the involved subprojectors and specialized consultants involved by the customer, the general designer and other participants
  • Monitoring the scope of work and services provided by the General Designer and other participants of the Design under the Contracts and additional agreements thereto, analysis of the need for their implementation and sufficiency, in order to obtain a positive conclusion from the state examination, other state...
  Head of the branch "Office for the Organization of the Construction of the Multifunctional Complex"

Andrey Zhakevich

I can recommend Evgeny as a professional, honest and very executive person who is always confirm his words with deed. My experience of working with Evgeny on multifunctional center for Gazprom in Minsk shows that such people in the project team by their concrete actions and organizational skills provide the result and effectiveness. See less

  Deputy Head of Department – C.A. & Co Investment Group

Sergey Zhukovskiy

I had the privilege of working with Evgeny at the Gazprom Headquarters project in Minsk. Evgeny was the main contact person on the part of the customer.

Evgeny is a brilliant engineer, team leader and communicator. He has exceptional engineering experience, analytical and managerial skills needed at carring out of complex projects.

No doubt, Evgeny is a great asset to any company. See less
  PhD, BREEAM Assessor/ AP/ InUse Auditor, LEED BD+C AP, BEMP/ BEAP/ BCxP


We arrived, examined the construction, gave recommendations on many places where problems could arise in the future (the design of windows and walls, the location of heaters and ventilation grilles, the organization of heating and air supply). Thanks!

  Private customer