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A private house has long been no longer a luxury, but the opportunity to organize your life as conveniently and personalized as possible. Increasingly, Belarusians are buying not a finished building, but a project according to which it will be erected. As a result, the building object turns into something personal and unique. The Engineer company has been designing residential buildings for many years and knows this topic firsthand. Let's try to understand the various aspects of this burning issue.

A typical project or an individual one?

At first glance, standard architectural solutions are good, because all loads have been calculated, materials have been selected, issues with the layout and area of \u200b\u200bthe premises have been clarified. It seems that the buyer of such a product will certainly save money, because there will be no need to spend extra money on individual design. However, in reality, everything turns out differently.

A typical project is as general as possible and will definitely not take into account all your wishes and nuances that inevitably arise during the construction of individual housing. And where initially there is discomfort, there will be overpayments: for alterations, retrofitting, changes in the structural elements of the structure. There are other benefits of a competent individual project:
  • Optimization of the equipment and materials involved.
  • Rational use of the available space of the cottage with the allocation of additional premises.
  • Prevention of unnecessary jobs like remodeling a new home.

Thanks to many years of experience and extensive knowledge, the specialists of the company "Inzhener" will help you at all stages of construction - from drafting a project to maintaining a finished house.

Stages of drawing up an individual project

The development of a project consists of four successive stages:
  1. Compilation of technical specifications.
  2. Geological and geodetic data acquisition and analysis surveys, as well as other information about the construction site.
  3. Drawing up a draft design.
  4. Drawing up a working draft.

At the stage of creating a technical task, the client voices your wishes. Designing private houses requires accurate answers to all questions - from the number of storeys and the architectural style of the cottage to the materials used and the colors of its parts. After communicating with the client, the terms of reference should contain comprehensive information about the requirements for the future project.

Collecting information about the place of future work is impossible without access to the town-planning and cadastral plan of the site. It is also necessary to have up-to-date data on the characteristics of the soil, the level of groundwater occurrence, and elevation changes within the site. In the absence or obsolescence of geological and geodetic data, you will need to contact specialized organizations. The clients of the "Inzhener" company do not need to worry: all these issues will be resolved without their direct participation.

The nuances of the preliminary design

At the stage of development of the preliminary design, planning decisions are made that will form the basis of the entire individual project. These decisions will predetermine not only the appearance of the house, but also its parameters such as comfort and safety. The client is provided with several options for internal planning, from which he chooses the most suitable for himself. Zoning of the house is also carried out with various options for arranging furniture. After drawing up a preliminary design, you can start obtaining a developer's passport and permission to build a cottage.

Part of the outline design is:
  • The master plan diagram, which shows the links of the house and auxiliary buildings to the turning points and characteristic places of the site boundary.
  • Planning solution for each floor .
  • Architectural design of the facade.
  • Sections of the building along its axes.
  • 3D visualization layout, if necessary.

The development of a 3D layout will help create a complete picture of the future home with all planning decisions and furniture arrangement. The design of houses in Minsk is less and less complete without such a technical novelty. Thanks to it, you can quickly make adjustments to the project, avoiding difficult tasks for the designer in the future. It is always easier and cheaper to change something in a project than in an already finished building.

A construction project is the icing on the design cake

The essence of drawing up a construction project is to obtain project documentation, according to which engineering communications and building structures will be installed, and their correct operation will be ensured. The developer of such documentation must be guided by the current building and sanitary standards, as well as the requirements for environmental protection and fire safety.

Designing cottages in Minsk is an everyday task for the employees of the Inzhener company. Here they are guided by innovative technologies in the field of construction and strive to solve all problems before they appear. Upon agreement with the customer, it is possible to organize architectural supervision of the progress of construction work.

A few tips for the rational design of the cottage:
  • The entrance to the building is best oriented to the south.
  • On the north side, it is worth building a blank wall.
  • Do not refuse to arrange a vestibule at the entrance. This will significantly affect the reduction of heat loss inside the cottage.
  • The corridor should not be already one meter. It is better to orient all corridors in the form of radial lines, from which entrances go in different directions.
  • Heating systems are designed with a power reserve of at least 5%. This approach will help you survive the winter season with record temperatures without any problems.
  • You should stop your choice on two- and four-pitched roofs.
  • To increase the living space of the house, equip the attic floor. This will require a more complex thermal insulation plan, however, the everyday advantages of the attic more than compensate.
  • If you are planning a basement, then its depth should be the same over the entire area.
  • The basement of the foundation is separated away from the main body of the building.

Designing houses is the first and most important step in building a house. Having a project in hand, you will be able to coordinate the construction with the relevant services, get an idea of the total cost of materials, upcoming work and visually evaluate the future housing.

Design Process

Architectural Design - a basic set of documentation that is required to coordinate future construction with the district administration and obtain a special permit for building a house on a specific land plot:

  • plan of the basement, first, second and other floors, attic;
  • roof plan;
  • facade color schemes;
  • foundation scheme;
  • section along the stairway.

Based on it, a scheme is created for linking the house to a specific territory and a project for future development is drawn up.

Constructive solutions - a set of drawings and nodes of all building structures necessary for quality construction:
  • schemes and foundation details;
  • laying plan for walls and lintels;
  • schemes and floor nodes, reinforcement;
  • monol areas;
  • truss scheme;
  • plans and roof assemblies;
  • specifications and volumes of materials used.

Thanks to With such detailed calculations, you can create a convenient schedule for the purchase and delivery of materials to the site. If you plan to build yourself, then professional design of residential buildings will allow you to get an accurate idea of what and how to do in the future. If you use the services of contractors, the documents will allow you to control the process and not be deceived.

Engineering communications project - design of ventilation and heating systems - will allow you to find the best solutions for the price, and the project of electrical networks - not only connect to the central network, but also optimize the energy supply of the building. As a result, you know what materials and in what quantities you will use, where the equipment and pipelines will be located.

to build a house in Belarus

We offer design of private houses, taking into account the latest technological findings. Thanks to this, you will receive not only a comfortable and reliable, but also an economical house in terms of resource consumption. Our company works with ready-made projects, which we, at the request of the customer, check for errors and optimize. We also offer adapted Polish house projects, projects and construction of frame one-story, two-story private houses from foam blocks, gas silicate blocks with a garage with a turnkey terrace in Minsk with an integrated heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. All design work is carried out by certified specialists with extensive experience in the field of housing construction. We will take into account all your requirements and desires, so that housing not only gives comfort, but also pleases the eye. You can find out the prices for designing houses in Minsk and ask questions of interest by calling the indicated phones.

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