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R5-H Smart

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Residential air handling unit (702 x 614 x 479 mm, Ø160 mm) with rotary heat exchanger for homes, small offices, etc. (432 m³/h, 250 m²) Ideal for attic installations in homes as it is designed to be transported up through a skylight. The most intelligent humidity control on the market as standard. Designed, manufactured and tested for the Scandinavian climate.
  • Ecodesign energy class A*
  • Air flow range 108-432 m³/h
  • Temperature efficiency up to 86% (EN 308)
  • Annual efficiency up to 81% (Stockholm 21°C)
  • Humidity control function on request as standard
  • < li>Automatic summer function and passive cooling
  • Frost protection ensures constant ventilation
  • External heat exchangers for heating and cooling as an option
  • Possible connection to the building control system (I/O/Modbus)
  • Designed for loft placement
  • CASA Smart Control System< /a>
  • < /ul>

Control (options)

CASA Smart ventilation units are equipped with the most versatile in the market for control options! Choose your preferred control method or combine several!

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