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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) calculations

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Performing calculations in the development of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

List of calculations performed in the development of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems:

  • Calculation of heat transfer resistance, heat absorption , vapor permeability, thermal resistance of building structures
  • Calculation of heat losses
  • Calculation of the dew point
  • Calculation of heat gains
  • Calculation of losses during transportation of an energy carrier
  • li>
  • Calculation  air exchange
  • Calculation of air penetration of enclosing structures
  • Calculation of maximum allowable concentration (MAC)
  • Calculation of air emissions taking into account dispersion
  • Calculation of emergency ventilation
  • Calculation of emergency operating modes of systems
  • Hydraulic calculation of heating, cooling, heating and refrigeration points, heating and cooling networks, body and cold generation systems (including heat removal)
  • Calculation of hydraulic shocks, valve closing/opening time
  • Calculation of the strength of pipelines, taking into account mobile and fixed supports
  • Calculation of all equipment, balancing valves, heating and air conditioning devices
  • Aerodynamic calculation of ventilation, smoke ventilation (for air and smoke control systems, compensation, etc.), gas paths
  • Calculation of pressure drop between rooms 
  • Acoustic ventilation calculation
  • Air distribution calculation ion (including speed and temperature in the working area)
  • Calculation of natural draft and circulation pressure
  • Calculation of the heat and humidity balance of premises in winter-summer-off-season modes
  • Calculation of heat and cold consumption throughout the year
  • Calculation of current consumption rates for fuel, heat and electricity Calculation of the amount of equipment and materials
  • Calculation of thermal insulation
  • Calculation of time work from backup sources, taking into account automation
  • Calculation of the piezometric characteristics of pumping systems, as well as mixing units
  • Calculation of spare parts and areas for their placement
  • Calculation of the number of maintenance personnel
  • Calculation of the soaring of cooling towers
  • Calculation of the time of filling and draining the systems
  • Calculation of the amount of replenishment of the systems
Order calculations of heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems you can call +375 29 690 80 44 Gantman Evgeny.

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