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  1. Managing the process of implementing projects of HVAC systems:
    • Preparing data for concluding contracts, evaluating the contract price.
    • Setting up the instructions to contractor organizations to perform the assigned work and providing the organisations with necessary initial data.
    • Technical management of design works while designing a site:
      • Monitoring (a) the technical level of the adopted design solutions, (b) effective  fund expenditure for the design and survey works, (c) the terms of the design estimate documentations development.
      • Conducting analysis and assessment of the risks proposed by the General Designer and other participants of the process of designing project solutions; deciding on making changes to the adopted design decisions within the time limits established by the relevant regulations, in order to avoid having a delay in the Design. Organization of making relevant changes to the project documentation.
      • Coordinating the project documentations undergoing the state examination: organising meetings with experts, considering the draft conclusion, setting tasks in order to eliminate comments; taking control over the elimination of the state examinations comments; issuing the examination report.
      • Coordinating and providing the General Designers and other Designers performing the contractual obligations, including the author's supervision services, confirmation of the actual completion of the design and survey works (terms, asbuilt documentation, reports, compliance with the regulations), including the analysis and approval of the General Designer's and other Designers regular reports.
      • Initiating, preparing and conducting technical meetings, keeping the minutes, and bringing them to all the Projects participants in accordance with the Project Regulations; monitoring the implementation of decisions taken at the meetings, settling disputes with the Projects participants, submitting claims to the General Designer and other Design participants in case of non-fulfillment or improper performance of the contractual obligations. 
      • Accepting the Subdesigners and Specialized Consultants involved by the Customer, the General Designer and other Project Designers.
      • Taking control over the scope of works and services provided by the General Designer and other Project participants within the framework of the Agreements and supplement agreements to them; analyzing the need for their implementation and sufficiency in order to obtain a positive findings of the state examination, other state authorities, and implementing the construction and installation works.
    • Proficient in identifying technical issues and providing solutions to the more complex projects, including costs associated with such and detailed estimates of labor and materials.
    • Identifying and making recommendations for building improvements to increase energy efficiency, dependability and performance.
    • Coordinating and interacting with external vendors and subcontractors to ensure proper workmanship and adherence to contracts.
    • Acting as the technical expert and advisor on behalf of the organization.
    • Participating in the process of considering and accepting the design and estimate documentation with the general contracting organization. 
    • Finding solutions for the issues arising in the process of performing the design, construction, putting into service, and development of the designed capacities.
    • Organizing the work on eliminating the detected defects in the design and estimate and other technical documentation, as well as the approved estimates management recording.
    • Coordinating the process of constructing, putting into service, and developing the designed capacities. Organazing the process of quality control.
  2. Evaluating the amount and cost of the resources required for the implementation of the project:
    • Taking control over the amount of materials needed for conducting marketing research of the cost of the supply, installing and commissioning of the engineering fire protection systems.
    • Taking control over the amount of materials needed for conducting marketing research of the cost of the supply, installing and commissioning of the engineering water supply systems, sewerage, heating, ventilation, cooling, air conditioning, and individual heating unit.
  3. Taking control over the project budget planning, and its implementation;
  4. Collecting the initial permit documentation, its optimization (obtaining technical specifications, conclusions, permits, etc.);
  5. Selecting the project organization for developing the design and estimate documentation;
  6. Planning and coordinating the project works;
    • Taking control over the terms of transferring the project documentation. 
    • Taking control over providing the General designer with reports. 
  7. Accepting the design and estimate documentation;
  8. Selecting the contractor organizations;
  9. Taking control over the quality of the construction and installation works and their accordance to the design and estimate documentation:
    • Initiating, preparing and holding technical meetings, keeping the minutes and bringing them to the attention of all the project participants, monitoring the implementation of decisions taken at the meetings, settling disputes with the the General contractor and other Project participants, submitting claims to the General Contractor and other Project participants in case of non-fulfillment or improper performance of the contractual obligations.
    • Initiating requesting for commercial proposals for construction and installation works, initiating concluding / modificating / terminating contracts / supplement agreements for construction and installation works, considering these commercial proposals / agreements / supplement agreements including providing the Customer with the recommendations on accepting / rejecting commercial offers, correcting / terminating the relevant contracts / supplement agreements, and annexes of the drafts of the relevant documentation.
    • Conducting the analysis of operational plans and reports of the performers of the works.
    • Designs and configures technically complex HVAC equipment as defined by the contract documents. Creates flow diagrams, sequence of operations, bill of material, network layouts and electrical schematics as required.
    • Develops and tests software programs necessary to operate the system per the intent of the project requirements.
    • Coordinates and creates of necessary drawings and equipment schedules for submittals and installation.
    • Selects, orders, and tracks the delivery of materials for assigned projects. Coordinates factory-mounting processes to meet factory and project schedule.
    • May assists in the loading and commissioning of all system and network-level controllers as required. Assists in validation of complete system functionality and troubleshoots problems with subcontractors and other trades to ensure proper operation.
    • Provides field change information to the project team for the creation of as-built drawings and software.
    • Keeps management and contractor or customer informed of job progress and issues.
    • Assists in performing site-specific training for owner / operator on the total building control system.
    • Participates in release meeting with project field team. Performs value engineering to provide cost effective results while maintaining customer satisfaction.
    • May provide work direction to Systems Design Assistants.
  10. Taking control over the timely and efficient use of financial resources;
  11. Participating in the process of claim settlement.
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