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Consulting services are a relatively new type of services in the construction market, the popularity of which is constantly growing. Customers want to protect themselves from contractors who overcharge their services, include in the expense column costs not provided for in the contract, or write off a lot of materials. And the help of experts perfectly helps to achieve this goal.

Consulting and its components:
  • Consultation at any stage of the project: preparatory, during installation or after its completion.
  • Expert assessment of the mounted object.
  • Consulting on the interaction of engineering communications (ventilation, air conditioning, heating and heating unit).
  • Consultation on the selection and use of equipment for ventilation, air conditioning, heating, boiler room.
  • Consultation on the recoupment of the object.
  • Consultation on the selection of a heat generation source.
  • Consulting on the issues of automation of management of engineering systems.

Optimization of business processes, increasing the profitability of the facility and achieving the set goal in accordance with all technical norms and standards is the main goal of consulting.


You can use the consulting service to solve a specific problem (search for errors in the project, alternative solutions) or full support of the project until it is put into operation. And in the latter case, the consulting will look like this:
  • Object and market research, examination of project documentation and estimates.
  • Drawing up a general report, which includes recommendations, conclusions and decisions for the implementation of the project with a cost estimate.

The result of the consultant's work is the development of a long-term concept for the operation and management of engineering systems, which contains a number of practical recommendations:
  • Instructions and rules regarding the operation and maintenance of utilities.
  • Effective leadership that allows you to manage and improve the system in the future.
  • Future system maintenance budget, including upgrades.

All work is carried out taking into account advanced technologies, the latest equipment, materials, structures. The task of a specialist is to find the optimal solution for the building in terms of price and technical characteristics, so he must be aware of all new products on the engineering systems market.

Engineering and consulting services are a frequently used solution for customers and general contractors. This is a complex of intellectual services of a practical nature, the task of which is to make the investment in the construction or modernization of the facility as profitable as possible. And in order to achieve this goal, specialists do not just create a project, but develop it taking into account the latest technologies and equipment.


  • Interdisciplinary approach. To solve this problem, many types of intellectual activity are used, including economic and marketing.
  • Variability. Our specialists work out several options for the project of engineering communications, accompanying each of them with a calculation so that the customer can independently compare and choose the best one.
  • Innovative technologies. To accomplish the task, advanced technologies, equipment, materials, structures, and energy sources are used.


  • Pre-design. It involves conducting a survey of the object, developing a feasibility study, a plan for the development of engineering communications, indicating the possibilities of reducing the cost of the project or carrying out modernization.
  • Design. Includes the creation of a master plan for communications, preparation of all technical documentation and cost estimates for the work.
  • Post-project. It touches upon issues such as organizing a tender, signing a contract, managing construction work, including the supply of required materials, and evaluating work already completed.

In some cases, engineering and consulting services involve marketing campaigns and legal issues in order to most effectively solve the problem.
The cost of services varies depending on the amount of work and the number of stages, the level of responsibility, the amount of investment in the project, the purpose of the object and the complexity of its communications.

Tasks that are solved with the help of engineering and consulting services:
  • search for unique solutions for a specific building;
  • selection of equipment, materials, technologies based on innovation and taking into account the customer's budget;
  • compliance of project documentation with all norms and standards, which simplifies approval;
  • successful implementation of the developed project due to the possibility of training installers, technical supervision and evaluation of the result obtained.


Our company provides all kinds of engineering and consulting services in the field of communications: ventilation, air conditioning, heating, etc. We work with both private houses and industrial sites, we are engaged in the development of projects "from scratch", as well as the modernization of ready-made solutions.
All work is performed by a certified specialist with experience in the field of engineering communications. We offer cutting edge ideas, technologies, equipment and materials. Technical control over the implementation of the project will avoid the slightest violation of norms and requirements, achieve high efficiency of the system without additional costs.

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