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Inspection of real estate for planning technical operation, design of real estate operation, development of real estate operation programs, planned and preventive maintenance of real estate, operation of real estate by condition, information support for real estate operation

Service, repair, maintenance, replacement of heating systems, boilers, pump

  • Hydraulic tests
  • Design temperature tests
  • Heat loss tests
  • Stray current potential test
  • Density test 
  • Thermal performance test (including heat exchangers)
  • Flushing with water until complete water clarification
  • Hydropneumatic flushing
  • Thermal test for uniform heating of heating appliances
  • Adjustment and adjustment of systems
  • Checking and restoration of anti-corrosion coatings
  • Verification of funds from measurements
  • Inspection of heating networks
  • External inspection of tanks, checking the condition of thermal insulation, inlet and outlet pipelines, compensating devices.
  • Internal inspection of storage tanks with thickness measurement walls
  • Serviceability of automatic temperature and pressure regulators
  • Flushing pipelines of hot water supply systems
  • Inspection of thermal energy supply control devices
  • Creation of the necessary stock of material resources, equip repair departments with the required machines and mechanisms;
  • check the tightness of the closure of shut-off, drainage, air vent and control valves at heating networks and heating points;
  • maintenance of heat energy metering devices ( means of settlement accounting) and systems for automatic control of thermal energy, retrofit with the indicated devices (if necessary);
  • conduct a survey of the technical condition chimneys, smoke and ventilation ducts of gasified heat sources with the involvement of a specialized organization;
  • Purge of heaters with air or steam

Service, repair, maintenance, replacement ventilation, ventilation systems

  • Aerodynamic testing and adjustment of ventilation systems
  • Bearing temperature
  • Availability of bearing oil , gearboxes
  • Tension of drive belts
  • Position and operation of the blades of non-return, changeover and other valves
  • Checking the contamination of ventilation systems (fans, air ducts, intake shafts, heaters, filters)
  • Blow out the outer surfaces of heaters with compressed air or steam
  • Checking the degree of dustiness of air filters and regeneration
  • Cleaning dust and dirt from protective grids and shutters in front of fans< /li>
  • Dust collection and disinfection of ventilation ducts and air distributors
  • Bearing lubrication and oil replenishment
  • Oil change with bearing housing flush
  • Operability of infrequently used and standby fans and smoke ventilation
  • Value gaps between the impeller, shaft and casing, the magnitude of the rotor runout
  • Deviation of the axis of the fan impeller from the horizontal 
  • Fan vibration, balancing
  • Drive belt tension (instrumental check)
  • Check (revision) of non-return, fire, changeover valves
  • Purging of heaters with air or steam
  • Check of alarm systems, interlocks and remote control on ventilation systems and heating
  • Measuring the grounding resistance of ventilation equipment
  • Measuring the depth of corrosion or wear of the flow path of fans moving aggressive media
  • The magnitude of deviations in air flow, resistance of the ventilation system
  • Dusting and disinfection of attics
  • Checking the efficiency of mechanical ventilation

Service, repair , maintenance, replacement of air conditioning systems

  • Check the safety and control devices as described. 
  • "Check that all electrical panel and compressor terminals are secure. Movable terminals of contactors should be cleaned periodically; contactors must be replaced if damaged."
  • Check for sufficient refrigerant charge using a sight glass. 
  • Check for oil leakage from the compressor. 
  • Check no water or glycol water leaks from the hydraulic circuit. 
  • "If the unit is to be shut down for an extended period of time, it must be drained, including all pipes and the heat exchanger. This procedure is mandatory if the ambient temperature is expected to fall below the freezing temperature of the fluid being used."
  • Check the water level in the circuit. 
  • Check the proper functioning of the flow switch. 
  • Check that the crankcase heaters are functioning properly and are supplied with power. 
  • Clean the strainers on the water lines. 
  • "Clean the plate heat exchanger and the protective mesh (if equipped) ) with a jet of compressed air (or water) opposite to the direction of air flow."
  • Test the defrost mode. 
  • Check the condition, fixings and balance of the fans. 
  • "Check eyeball core color (green = no moisture, yellow = moisture present); if it is yellow, the refrigerant filter must be replaced."
  • Check the operation of the drain drain, clean the drain pipe. 
  • Check if the noise level is increased. Check for abnormal noise,

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