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Accepting some of the functions of the customer / developer related to the implementation of organizational and technical measures

To achieve the maximum effect from an investment in the construction or modernization of an existing facility, customers and general contractors often order engineering work. These works can represent both the issuance of individual expert decisions and the integrated management of construction activities. All provisions regulating the provision of services of this kind are spelled out in the Decree of the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus.

What are engineering services

Engineering services in construction are in demand if the customer or the developer does not have all the units necessary to implement all of its functions. In this case, they turn to a third-party engineering organization that is authorized to provide the relevant services. Cooperation with it is carried out under an agreement within the framework of the current legislation. Engineering services will include:
  • Providing competent advice on the preparation of construction projects, as well as their subsequent implementation.
  • Assuming some of the functions of the customer / developer related to the implementation of organizational and technical measures.

Specific engineering services are specified in the contract for their provision. All subsequent changes to it after signing are made by registering additional agreements. An engineering company that has concluded such an agreement cannot assign its obligations to a third party without the consent of the customer/developer.

Engineering services as a success factor

Investing in a construction project is a responsible step. For its implementation to be successful, each stage must be managed by experienced specialists. The provision of engineering services involves the implementation of a wide range of works with consistently high results, regardless of the complexity of the facility. Mistakes are unacceptable here, as they lead to irreversible material and time costs. A competent engineering company is able to take on such functions as:
  • Selection of optimal solutions for the development of a construction project.
  • Timely advice on all technical issues.
  • Supervision of performance of certain construction and installation works.
  • Selection of equipment and materials taking into account the financial capabilities of the customer.
  • Bringing project documentation to accepted standards.
  • Coordination of documentation in specialized organizations .
  • Education of installers for the successful implementation of a construction project.
  • Evaluation of the results obtained.

Having ordered a comprehensive management of construction activities, the customer outsources the engineering services at all stages of construction. At the same time, the engineering company necessarily exercises technical supervision and has the right, in cooperation with contractors, to make decisions on behalf of the customer.

Work stages

Engineering services are provided in three stages:
    1. Pre-project. At this stage, the construction site is examined. A plan of engineering communications is drawn up, a feasibility study of the future project is being presented. The specialist makes proposals to reduce its cost, and also justifies the possibility of upgrading the facility.
    2. Design. A complete package of technical documentation is being prepared. An estimate of future work is being drawn up.
    3. After the design. Here, issues of managing the construction process are being worked out, including the supply of materials and the assessment of work already completed. Engineering company we help organize tenders and sign all necessary contracts with suppliers and contractors.

In special cases, engineering services include the solution of related legal issues and the organization of marketing campaigns.

Inzhener group of companies is the choice of professionals

The experience and knowledge of the Inzhener company employees allow us to develop a project of any complexity from scratch. Here they provide engineering services in Minsk to both private homeowners and large organizations of any form of ownership. Five reasons to give preference to this contractor:
  • All issues are decided by certified specialists.
  • Innovative technologies and the most advanced solutions in the field of construction are proposed and implemented.
  • Produced technical supervision over the implementation of the decisions made.
  • All actions are carried out in full compliance with the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.
  • The company's clients do not incur unreasonable expenses.

The cost of the services provided depends on the level of responsibility, the total budget, the number of stages and the total scope of work, the complexity of the facility and its communications. Any additional information can be obtained from a representative of the company "Engineer" during a free consultation.

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