Simulation (CFD)

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CFD mathematical modeling of ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems to assess the comfort of a person in a room

We model:
  • Air distribution (velocity, temperature, humidity)
  • Complex indoor air flows (forced and natural convection).
  • Ventilation and comfort models.
  • Industrial hygiene.
  • Air flow around and through buildings.
  • Transportation of chemical or biological agents.
  • Simulation of relative humidity and condensation (H2O in air).
  • Simulation of gas flows (pollution, exhaust emissions).
  • Optimization of pressure drop in equipment.
  • Heat transfer (heat exchangers).
  • Determination of forces and torques on moving parts
  • Determination of flow using fans, pumps, blowers
  • Determination of flow through vents
  • Simulation of solar radiation, surface radiation
  • Particle transit time (clean rooms)
  • Heat exchangers with different phases in separate cavities (e.g. gas/liquid)
Request mathematical simulation you can call +375 29 690 80 44 Gantman Evgeniy.
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